Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yet another amazing dinner :)

So I'm starting to realize just how much I blog about food....maybe I should just turn this into a food blog instead of a general life blog :)

Tonight's dinner arrangements got slightly turned around but I think it was actually for the better! After failed dinner plans with my roommates, I decided to go to dinner at Central Kitchen by myself....and it was AMAZING. I let myself get whatever I wanted, which meant Firelilly cocktail, deviled eggs, filet mignon tartare, sunken Belgian chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, and a glass of pinot noir to finish it off. It all tasted phenomenal! And to top off a relaxing and tasty evening, I started talking to the couple sitting at the table next to me and had a really pleasant conversation with them! It always makes me feel so happy when random encounters like that happen... I still don't know their names but they definitely made me laugh and end a stressful day on a happy note :)

So here's the part you've all been waiting of dinner!

No you can see the ambiance... 

With flash - filet mignon tartare with quail egg on the left, deviled eggs with shrimp on the right

My absolutely amazing dessert

It had molten chocolate goodness in the middle....mmmmmmm :)

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