Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whoa...Dinner was an adventure!

Wow, my culinary adventures these past couple of days have been kinda awesome... Yesterday Daron and I went to Central Kitchen for dinner (40% off using Savored!) and I tried a filet mignon tartare with quail egg which was AMAZING. As in I had dreams about it...I'm definitely going back! Today I went to dinner with my friend Adrienne in Chinatown and it was quite....interesting.

Haha for you Dad - one day we'll go order a whole duck and eat it ;-)

So we went to this place that had 'hot pots' - basically they were hot plates where they put different flavors of broth for you to boil your meat and vegetables in. You got to pick the meat you wanted.

The vegetable plate - I didn't know what half of it was

Adrienne got chicken and beef - doesn't it look cool?

We also had a lot of stuff to add to our soy sauce - onions, garlic, Asian bbq sauce...

My seafood plate - squid, scallops, salmon, and 'fish cake' - not sure what that was...

Boiling goodness!

The weirdest dessert EVER. Red beans and barley....and it was cold...and it was sweet. EW.

Yet another day in the exciting life of Emily :)
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