Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Crazy October

Y'all...I can't believe it's been 4 months since I posted. Where has the time gone? Where has 2015 gone??? I wish I could say I was going to go back and post all of my photos from the past 4 months but I just can't....it's way too much. So instead, I'll just tell you about last month, lovingly referred to by my boyfriend and I as "Crazy October" (you'll see why soon enough):

A gorgeous view of the Boston skyline to start things off

Jonatas and I have been dating for a couple of months now - this was from a trip to the BPL

The view from my office is SPECTACULAR

October is also my birthday month! I had a rolling week of surprises and presents from friends and family, starting with flowers delivered to my office (one of my favorite things ever) from my mom and dad :)

My coworker knows the way to my heart...(French pastries)

Adri (one of my new housemates) baked me a cake! So delicious

Birthday love

And a personalized chalkboard illustration complete with Marvel hero characters (Dad-Approved)

Up next was a flight to NC for my friends' wedding!

...but the important stuff first (Madeline picked me up from the airport with Bojangles already waiting - what a good seester!)


A (sort of spontaneous) trip to Glenn's Tattoo Parlor...

...for some new ink!

Adorable Mexican restaurant

With delicious empanadas...

....and a silly Madeline 


Went to Duke Gardens (the only part of the campus I'll visit) to walk around and get some shots of the new ink

No trip to Durham is complete without a stop at Parker and Otis for a pimento grilled cheese sandwich

Bridal party dinner

Sam getting her hair and make-up done

My wedding look

Husband & Wife!

I've known Sam since my freshman year of college - that was *9* years ago!



I also got to meet up with my best friend from high school, Lacey - we've known each other *13* years, which is insane to me.

Brunch at Foster's Market

With my godsons - I got to meet baby Jameson!

Back to Beantown

Again with the gorgeous view from my office... 

My church, Aletheia, put on a women's retreat at Berea in New Hampshire. 

No ladies retreat should be complete without a chocolate fountain ;-)

Fall in New England - there really isn't anything better!

(love my steaming vats of coffee)  

Funny enough, Jon's church had their annual retreat at the same center the *same weekend* - it was so fun to get to see him and other friends I'd met! 

Later that same week - back to New Hampshire for a sales summit/training

The quaint inn I got to stay in

New branded swag presented at the team dinner

The next weekend, Jon and I headed to NYC for a little weekend getaway

We got to stay at the Waldorf Astoria

Serendipity is one of my absolute *favorite* movies, so getting to stay here was a dream come true!

Friday night - out to dinner at Daniel

So excited!!!

We opted for the tasting menu with wine pairings (of course)

Yet another amazing meal for the books - the pigeon and beef duo were highlights 

Came back to our room with a couple of perks. When we first arrived at the hotel the room we were sent to had people in it (!) so they upgraded us to a suite, gave us free prosecco, and gave us a room credit. #AMAZING

Next morning - room service for breakfast

~brief interlude for a wedding reception where I forgot to take pictures~

The next morning, we went to the brunch served at the Waldorf. They had *Beef Wellington*

So. Much. Fancy. Food

Just look at all that cheese!

I couldn't eat the Waldorf Salad (nuts) but they looked phenomenal

First round - the raw bar

~couple more rounds~

Then dessert

We loved the live music - a harpist in our room, a pianist in the main dining area

Strolling by Central Park

After stuffing ourselves, we walked up to the Lincoln Center for the ballet - definitely a fun show to see (with 3 very different acts) 

Stopped in the Prada store and found something I liked (but didn't get...)

To wrap up the NYC weekend, we stopped at a couple of the hotel bars/restaurants for complementary drinks. What a magical weekend! 

This brings us to the very last week of October - Power Week. Thursday night - Nervo and Diplo concert 

Which was *insane* 

And so fun!

Friday night - Sick Individuals show in downtown Boston (more EDM)

Finally - Saturday. October 31st. The Home Stretch. First up, Legoland with Gloria!

She had a blast!

I mean, just look at that face!!

That night, Jon and I went to the Boston Opera House for the Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler by the Boston Ballet - a straight 2 hour performance. Such athleticism, grace, and beauty.

Fall in New England

View from the Development Department's window (of the State House)

My walk to Davis Square

And to end the evening....one last shot from my office of the glorious sunset.

And with that - Crazy October is el fin. Up next - Montreal and Paris trips this November! :)

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