Sunday, September 30, 2012


Each time a new season comes, I think it's my favorite...each one has something special about it that makes me happy...with fall, I get boots, scarves, leaves, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes...pure happiness :) Here are the pictures from this week!

Monday morning I had to get a flu shot...which meant a quick pick-me-up stop at Mr. Crepe for a Nutella crepe and cappuccino while writing a birthday card for my mommy (Happy Birthday Mom!)

NEW BOOTS!!!!!!!!!! I finally found a pair that could zip over my ginormous calves...they're so comfy! If you want a pair, check them out [here].

Lunch with Ms. Vanessa - she introduced me to Salvatore's in downtown Boston. Amazingly fresh and delicious Chicken Parm sandwich with house-made chips and slaw....for only $8!

CJ texted me about a deal on scarves at her campus...and it made my day....and then we said the same thing at the same time :)

Sox game!

(Instagram version)

James invited me - it's such an all-American feel! Baseball, hotdogs, fall, friends...c'est magnifique! 

Last shot before we headed back to Davis for... first trip to Iyo Cafe! 

It's GORGEOUS - tall ceilings, hardwood floors...

...and a WAFFLE MAKER...

...that you can top with whatever toppings and froyo you want! It's delicious... 

Keeping lunch at the office classy - Dad's spaghetti sauce (YUM) and a touch of Merlot 

Dinner at community group this week was AMAZING (don't worry, I'll describe it in just a bit)

12 ladies at CG this week!

Finally made it out to Flour Bakery early enough in the morning to get my hands on their Brioche au Chocolat...

...and a cappuccino, of course...ready to conquer a day at the office! 

Saturday morning I woke up and went on a mission...I literally rolled out of bed and threw on a sweatshirt and my hat and headed out the door

...into the beautiful fall foliage... this heavenly place...

...for THESE - chocolate honey dipped donuts from Verna's. SO. DARN. GOOD.

Have some wonderful new apartment-mates on the first floor who decorated the front stoop for fall!

As promised, more on that amazing dinner I had at Community Group....I made it for lunch this week! It's a pumpkin and black bean soup with green apple salsa and cranberry sour cream topped with croutons - it's so quick and easy and DELICIOUS - you can get the recipe by clicking [here]. I followed the recipe exactly except I made homemade croutons to go on top instead of tortilla chips.

My finished product - it looks so fancy! 

And there you have it ladies and sure to check back next week for pictures from my 25th Birthday Celebration!!!! :)

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cool glass of water

This week has been refreshing...just like the cool glass of water I'm drinking right now. Mad and I had a great rest of her visit (so happy she came to see me!), I had a good week at work, and a really fun weekend. Fall is definitely here now and I'm pulling out my sweaters, jackets, and scarves...I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season today...Han just came in and plopped down on my pile of pillows and is now serenading me on the ukulele...and I feel really happy :)

Ok, on to pictures:

Unexpected reaction to the Firelily cocktail

But she got over it real fast

Our spread - steak frites, filet mignon tartare, and risotto


Enjoying my wine

Best molten chocolate cake this side of....anything

Stopped into a gorgeous flower shop



Gotta get the pastrami & corned beef combo

Cruisin on our Hubway bikes around Boston

It's been 3 years since I first tried Chessa's bare minerals make up and I *finally* got some for myself

New fall/winter hat :)

Madeline getting made up

Madeline's last night in Boston requires something special...Cuchi Cuchi!

She wants this lamp

Cool atmosphere


Potato Croquettes 


Cuban Cigar

Touch-sensitive light-up table

Hipster sugar lumps (too cool for cubes)

My cappuccino with apple fritters in the background


Happiness :)

This girl knows me so well....


Observing the growth of my ivy

Radekal trying to kill my poor ivy...

Nutella and raspberry jam sandwich for dinner

Going for my first ride in 'Beems' - James' new car

Boston at night

Hair did

Way cool theater for the Boston Film Festival

Love the colors/layout

And seating...

Loren invited me to see 'To Redemption' - it was really good!


Interesting art

This is how all theaters should be

Cute mom and daughter that sat in front of us


The cast from the movie - I got to see some almost famous people!

James came in from Albany today and we hit up the MFA first...he wanted to check out the musical instruments exhibit first


...I'm more of a jewelry person myself ;-)

 Bedazzled food products haha

He wears my scarf so well...very European ;-)

Strawberry margarita  

Drinks at Rattlesnake Bar


;-) tongue.

Boiled fish - TASTY

Tongue and tripe...yep, I tried it....tasty, but weird consistency

Our spread - DELICIOUS

The guys chowing down


Drive home :)

Being serenaded by Han

Caught James cuddling with Mr. Lobster

He's thinking about a certain someone.... ;-)

And there you have it ladies and gents :)
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