Sunday, September 30, 2012


Each time a new season comes, I think it's my favorite...each one has something special about it that makes me happy...with fall, I get boots, scarves, leaves, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes...pure happiness :) Here are the pictures from this week!

Monday morning I had to get a flu shot...which meant a quick pick-me-up stop at Mr. Crepe for a Nutella crepe and cappuccino while writing a birthday card for my mommy (Happy Birthday Mom!)

NEW BOOTS!!!!!!!!!! I finally found a pair that could zip over my ginormous calves...they're so comfy! If you want a pair, check them out [here].

Lunch with Ms. Vanessa - she introduced me to Salvatore's in downtown Boston. Amazingly fresh and delicious Chicken Parm sandwich with house-made chips and slaw....for only $8!

CJ texted me about a deal on scarves at her campus...and it made my day....and then we said the same thing at the same time :)

Sox game!

(Instagram version)

James invited me - it's such an all-American feel! Baseball, hotdogs, fall, friends...c'est magnifique! 

Last shot before we headed back to Davis for... first trip to Iyo Cafe! 

It's GORGEOUS - tall ceilings, hardwood floors...

...and a WAFFLE MAKER...

...that you can top with whatever toppings and froyo you want! It's delicious... 

Keeping lunch at the office classy - Dad's spaghetti sauce (YUM) and a touch of Merlot 

Dinner at community group this week was AMAZING (don't worry, I'll describe it in just a bit)

12 ladies at CG this week!

Finally made it out to Flour Bakery early enough in the morning to get my hands on their Brioche au Chocolat...

...and a cappuccino, of course...ready to conquer a day at the office! 

Saturday morning I woke up and went on a mission...I literally rolled out of bed and threw on a sweatshirt and my hat and headed out the door

...into the beautiful fall foliage... this heavenly place...

...for THESE - chocolate honey dipped donuts from Verna's. SO. DARN. GOOD.

Have some wonderful new apartment-mates on the first floor who decorated the front stoop for fall!

As promised, more on that amazing dinner I had at Community Group....I made it for lunch this week! It's a pumpkin and black bean soup with green apple salsa and cranberry sour cream topped with croutons - it's so quick and easy and DELICIOUS - you can get the recipe by clicking [here]. I followed the recipe exactly except I made homemade croutons to go on top instead of tortilla chips.

My finished product - it looks so fancy! 

And there you have it ladies and sure to check back next week for pictures from my 25th Birthday Celebration!!!! :)

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  1. I WILL be trying the soup--that looks tasty. And if I happened to get boots, what color would you suggest?

    1. It really really is - so warm and hearty! And easy too...

      Honestly, if you got boots I think you should get the pair I got. They are SO comfortable and the brown goes with a lot of things...see if you can't order them off Amazon or DSW's site - I personally recommend them ;-) If you want to go for a different pair, I still think you should stick to a warm chocolate/espresso brown.