Sunday, September 9, 2012

Peace and Happiness

I'm sitting here in my sunlit room sipping my vat of coffee and still amazed at how happy and satisfied I am with life. I mean, of course there are still things I want, but overall I feel very happy with where I am, what I'm doing, and how life is going. I have a great apartment, awesome roommates, a nice job, amazing friends, super cool family, fun church, clothes, food, things to do... C'est magnifique!

Not a ton of pictures from this week - long weekend and then I took it pretty easy during the week....I'm SO STOKED my sister is coming to visit on Friday - I've got a pretty stellar weekend planned (if I may say so myself)...

These are one of my absolute favorite foods in the's tough to limit myself....

New favorite snack (forgotten from childhood)

This past week Adanna had a birthday, so we a bunch of the EPs went out to celebrate...felt like college ($2.75 for a pitcher of Miller Lite and half priced apps)

Toni couldn't wait for a cup

Caption that! (what are Toni and Andrew saying?)

Heyyyyyyy bday girl!

Uh-oh she caught me!

The crew

Guessssssssssss what........I'm now 'officially' a Massachusetts resident! Got my MA driver's license on Friday cause my NC license expires on my bday (in a month)...super pumped to get it!

I like the light/shadows going on

Storm clouds a-comin'

Next best thing to the real stuff

FINALLY got my average above 200K (I've been working on hitting this for over a year)

Back to Sunday cooking - stir fry!

Tasty veggies

Finished product - YUM

Check back next week for my epic weekend with my sister!!! :)
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