Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Musings with Manny, Volume 9

Manny has been out traveling quite a bit these past few weeks, so I've missed out on getting some awesome quotes from him...not to fear, though, because this week I have not only a quote from Mr. Manny himself, but also a 'my life is a sitcom' moment to share with you...

Manny in Rome (I have awesome Photoshop abilities, right?)

Manny (after being out of the office for 2 weeks): Sudeep! I’d forgotten what your face looked like!

The 'my life is a sitcom' moment:

[Enter Stage Left]: Manager (Kathy*), rushing into the office, slightly frazzled, races in and sets things on desk, dropping phone
[Enter Stage Right]: Senior Manager (BJ*), Office Comedian, to say good morning, steps on said phone
Manager: BJ! You just broke my phone!
Senior Manager: Uh, sorry Kathy...but now you get to get a new phone!
Kathy: But BJ...I'm traveling to Philly this week and I don't have time to go get a new one! Oh gosh...(tries to fix phone, obviously not working)
Emily: Kathy, at least now you finally get to get a smartphone! Except...BJ you should have at least waited until the iPhone5 comes out... 
BJ: Oh yeah, sorry Kathy...definitely should have waited for the iPhone5 to come out
Kathy: (crestfallen, holding broken pieces of phone in hands) I need coffee.

-End Scene-

(*names have been changed)

Welcome to Monday!
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  1. Ha! You've got talent--a playwright!
    (Did I spell it correctly?)