Sunday, September 16, 2012

Playing Tourist

My sister Madeline is in town for the weekend so I created an epic itinerary for us to complete while she's here...and let's just say we've been able to accomplish everything on the list so far! I have some pictures from the beginning of my week and then photos from this weekend....get ready... ;-)

I decided to take a paint class (my first one!) and this was what the class was painting

The set-up

Ready for the inexperienced artists

With my blank canvas...

...which was soon not so blank

In progress

My masterpiece!

TA-DA!!!! Very proud of my first artistic's now hanging on my bedroom door

Quick dinner stop at Boston Burger Co...they've redecorated and now have diagrams of the best burgers...Hot Mess is my FAVORITE

I also tried meditation for the first time this week

Where the teacher sits

The classroom...I enjoyed it (and will continue going back)


Love me some Avana

Volcano Roll + edamame = awesomeness

Afternoon snack of Greek yogurt, granola, strawberries, and honey

Ran my first '5K' since high school - very proud of myself!

Dinner at the office - Mexican food and margaritas...

...all that tequila

Grabbed a drink with my friend Sarah

(dessert too)



MADELINE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) First stop, Johnny D's for breakfast and blues

Attacking her blintzes and eggs

Cute little shop on Mass Ave

It had all sorts of fun stuff...

...including this gem

And this fun clock

And *this* fun clock (I want it!)

Stepped into this cool looking 'shop'

....only to discover that it's a hair salon


Ummm...I'm gonna say no to those boots

It's KAYAK TIME!!!!!!!!

Out on the Charles

The Prudential

View from the river


Paddling right along

Romantic bridge

More skyline

Another romantic bridge...

...more romantic bridge...

Lily pad + blooming flower


(and again)

Us on our double kayak!

Too much fun...we got sopping wet, but it was a blast :)

Parting shot of all the boats

Next up, the obligatory trip to Mike's

For a Saturday afternoon, it was really crowded

The famous tying of the boxes with floss string


Oh that glorious box...

....filled with glorious pastries!



Rum cake

Chocolate eclair 

The fountains

Came across a random church festival and jammed out to some worship songs for a bit

Madeline loves her teapots :)

Afternoon snack at Marliave


...and Rarebits (melty cheese and bacon)

Ready to go out!


Isn't she gorgeous???

Out we go!

And now we're out!

Fries at Drink

Our 'frou frou' drinks (mine is a Gin Gin Mule, Madeline got a Ramos Gin Fizz)

Dill fried green beans

One of my purchases from earlier in the day - a glowy star to go above my bed! 

Next morning (today) we started out with a trip to Verna's (recommended on Yelp)

Donuts galore! 

PURE AWESOMENESS...the chocolate honey dipped ones were the best

Downtown Newburyport

So picturesque 



Pretty fall flowers

Lunch at the Plum Island Grille 

Madeline got the Plum Island Punch

At the beginning of the meal, I smelled something burning...little did I know it was the bread basket napkin

Cute dining room

Mussels and fries!

Beach time

Waves crashing all around



"Oh that water's cold!" *run away!*

Jumping into the deep blue

My turn

More beach

More waves

Perched on my rock

Parting shot...bye bye beach...

...hello Salem!

You can purchase a wand...

...or a funny hat

...or another funny hat

...and see the statue of this dude

...and go to the Witch Museum

We're not done yet! Quick stop in Marblehead (another cute New England town)

I just feel like I'm in a movie when I stop in any of these little towns

Stopped in for refreshing beverages at The Muffin Shop

Fall is coming!

More beach

That's Boston in the distance!

It was such a gorgeous day

Doggies frolicking on the beach


Take 1....shadow

Take 2...better!

SHEW - as you can see, we packed a lot into this weekend...Madeline will be here a few more days, so be on the lookout for a post mid-week with the rest of her trip!
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  1. Har! You could hang that first clock by your painting! What cool pics and it looks like you are having a great time and following the spread sheet. I won't comment on some of the grossosities you have been eating this past week.

  2. I loved the peacock plume and your vulnerability and confidence as a new artist. The water pictures were my favorite. I didn't worry about your safety or your alcohol consumption. I did worry about your caloric intake. I wanted some of everything you consumed, unlike your mom. You better be glad you've started running marathons. I think that is why my friend Elizabeth runs everyday. She eats what she wants and looks great. I also think it keeps her happier. I'll have to tell you how/why she started running. Proud of you and your life. Mary in the Mountains.