Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Whirlwind Post before EUROPE!!!

Just wanted to update you on a few of the things that happened before my *amazing* trip (which I will be posting about in the coming days)...I had the chance to go home and surprise my parents for Easter (wahoo!) and spend time with my Little Sister before heading off to Europe...

Got the cutest card from my Little Sister!

Home for Easter weekend to surprise the parentals...first up, spending some QT with my seester in Chapel Hill. (Belated birthday present for her)

Lunch :)


She has a habit of doing this...

...see what I mean?

The south...in a jar

*delicious* fried pickles at Relish

Cheesy Grits with Braised Roast

And finished with fried donuts - YUM

A little retail therapy - loved this mirror

We went shopping...and without knowing it, bought the same pair of earrings. #seesters

Loved this place setting display

Finally, after many years, visited Caffe Driade

Seesters semi-serious

Seesters silly 

'Let's take a serious photo!'



*super fail*


Nailed it

Carolina Inn, how I love thee

You too, Bell Tower

(you're my favorite, Old Well...shhhhhh, don't tell the others)

Madeline shopping in Madeline heaven

Emily along for the ride

Flowers make me happy

Hahaha she's always wanted one

Road trip home!

No trip home would be complete without it...

Surprising Momma first!

Next up is the Daddio!

Taking a ride in some new wheels

'It's like a roller coaster!' (*feels like she's 5 again*)

Held my first snake

Yep. That happened.

Awwwwww - family photo minus Liv

We love our Daddio!


Small town City Drive-In

(Benjamin wanted silly faces)


Doing his favorite thing - grillin'

Me doing my favorite thing - cooking brunch (aka quiche and fruit) 

Easter Dinner - Dad edition

Easter Dessert - Mom edition
(both are family traditions)

The ladies :)

With the gents

Dying eggs!

Pretty platter - breakfast before church

Ugh. You again.

Killin it

New office!

New desk - I finally get a standing one!

So, so sad - broke my French press. Need new one. :(

Tiny teacup for espressos!

In honor of National Sibling Day

IF Gathering for the ladies of Aletheia

Lovely morning learning more about Jesus' work in our lives!

Exploring the BPL with Jake

We finished a puzzle of the MBTA with a random stranger...minus a piece

Nas started volunteering with kids church - he's a natural!

Noms - Tupelo with Melissa

My coworkers have been amazed at my lunches...(it's all in the presentation)

Running joke in the office... Can you guess which sign goes with which space? Choices are: Refrigerator, Entry Hallway, Exit, and Bathroom ;-)

Braving the day in white pants (they made it out alive!)

Awesome present from my sister Liv - she knows how much I love lemons

View from the office

Waiting for me as I left for work one morning


Making scones with Gloria!

Practicing those knife skills

She loved it!

Finished product

And finally...getting ready for my 16 day trip abroad. Lists a week in advance....

Soon, very soon, you'll see all the photos from my trip to Marseille and London! I can't wait to share these amazing experiences with you!!!!

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