Saturday, February 15, 2014

And the snow just keeps on fallin...

So. Much. Snow. As in...SO MUCH SNOW. Blizzard after blizzard, inches upon inches. Just today I fell asleep at noon, woke up at 5 (so I needed a long nap!) and found it snowing again and my roommate told me from 8-10 pm we'll have 0% visibility. I knew when I moved to New England there would be snow but holy moly this is ridiculous!

I've got a ton of great pictures from the past few weeks - check 'em out:

Making dessert for community group a couple weeks ago...can you guess what it is?

Om nom nom nom - Dad's recipe for Turtle Cake! (minus the nuts, which I can't have)

New earrings :)

Afternoon with Gloria - ice skating on Frog Pond!

We were FREEZING...

This girl tickles me so - she's only been skating the few times we've gone but she never wants help or to hold my hand. She just powers on and goes her own way and when she falls, gets right back up!

Watching the Zamboni clean the ice

A few weeks ago, our Boston manager at Paycom got promoted and we got a new manager from DC, so we went out for a celebratory team dinner. Desserts for the table - mmmmmm

I *love* my fuzzy puppy robe. I've had it since I was 12 :)

EP Reunion!!! Adanna got everyone - and I mean everyone - together to catch up and reconnect. It was so fun to see people I hadn't seen in nearly a year!

Last weekend...Emily got the most epic bout of the flu ever. Even after getting the flu shot in November. I just got lucky enough to get a strain not in the injection... I could barely move and Jenny was AMAZING and brought over this ridiculous care package for me <3

Finding out it is, indeed, the flu....and to go pick up my medicine the doctor made me wear a face mask. You're welcome Boston.

When you're too tired to do anything but lay in bed, you find a lot of stuff to do on your phone...

Last weekend, I drove to NYC for Campus Harvest with my church peeps. Elizabeth sat up front to keep me company...

While Jorrion and David konked out in the back. Poor college kiddos, always tired ;-)

Itty bitty rainbow coming into the city - I think David said they're called 'Sun Dogs'

Ron and Lynette Lewis were there!!!! I've been working through Lynette's books "Remember the Roses" and "Climbing the Corporate Ladder in Stilettos" - it felt like I was meeting a celebrity :)

No trip to NYC would be complete without a trip to Ess-A-Bagel. Funny enough, it was literally the block next to our hotel!

I got to share my love of Ess-A with the group! Very happy campers here...

I may have been raised in the country, but I'm a city girl through and through. Being around skyscrapers and buildings and hustle and bustle is what makes me happy

I love Yelp. While we were on lunch break at the conference, I opened the app on my phone and looked up 'cheap lunch nearby' and came across this gem - Empanada Mama

Such a cheerful interior!

Loved the mosaic in the entrance

Om nom nom nom - soooooooo going back here next time I'm in the city

Had to follow it up with a cappuccino from Kahve

So cute!

I loved the artwork displayed...wish I could have purchased one! This was my favorite piece by Saskia Martinska 

This one was cool too :)

Mmmmmmmmm coffee

Columbus Circle at night

More buildings :)

This is some of THE BEST pizza I've ever had - amazing flavors, fresh ingredients at Merilu Pizza Al Metro

Cassidy, Shameyka, and I dined on Strawberry Nutella Pizza for dessert. Yes this exists. Yes, life is complete :)

Jason Swanson

He also played this version of Amazing Grace (Dad you'll love this)

Amazing message by James Lowe. His wife Debbie Winans sang *beautifully* 

Heading out of the city bright and early

College kiddos asleep...again...(Jorrion, Tobi, and Stephen)

How pretty is this??? I Love the idea of having the bulbs included and displayed. 

Right after I got back, I went to pick up Gloria for an afternoon of cupcake making! This was her first time using a hand mixer - she handled it like a champ!

Almost ready to go in the oven...

She insisted on washing the dishes and straightening up after the cupcakes went in the oven to 'keep everything neat.' I really hit the jackpot with my Little Sister

Her absolute favorite thing to do is arts & crafts. While the cupcakes were baking/cooling, she made Valentine's Day cards for her family.

Proudly decorating

My attempt :)


Concentration Level: Cupcake Perfection

The finished products! So tasty...

Boston: where it's so cold, you can install an ice rink in the middle of downtown

Stolen from a friend's what I wouldn't give for one of these...


And now, to last night! Christie hosted a SPECTACULAR Wine & Cheese party. This is just the 'first course' - cooked apps and a paella that was to die for followed

The spread

So many good friends in one room!

Melissa brought a delicious mead - I highly recommend it

I love my life up here in Boston. I have such amazing friends up here, so much to do, things to see, food to eat...I'm so thankful I get to share it with all of you! Have a wonderful week!!

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