Sunday, August 11, 2013

Feeling Mid-20's...

For some reason, this week I'm starting to feel old. Not old in the sense that my body is falling apart and I'm forgetting things (although my metabolism really isn't what it used to be, unfortunately), just that I'm an *actual* adult. Maybe it's because I'm on my 3rd job post-college...maybe it's because my apartment is *finally* starting to come together the way I'd always pictured it...maybe it's because I finally got my first credit card...maybe it's because my 26th birthday is right around the corner... Whatever the reason, I feel like I'm getting THERE - wherever THERE is.

Way to start off a workweek - not something you really want to have to deal with (lucky for me I have a car now and don't have to trudge in the rain!!!)

Reppin' that Paycom swag! 

At community group a couple weeks ago, Christie made THE BEST sweet corn and raspberry ice cream - sounds like an unusual flavor, but it was one of the best ice creams I've ever had


Drinks at Nebo with the coworkers 

Gorgeous sunset driving home from work (it's the little things)

I made caramel for the first time in my life! I had no idea it was so incredibly just melt brown sugar! 


The recipe was for a braised kale and carrots (caramel base with with chicken broth and vinegar)

Grilled steak, pan-fried turnips and butternut squash, over a bed of braised kale with bulgur wheat

Latest Trader Joe's obsession

Another beautiful shot driving home from much have I missed by taking the T for the past 2 years??

Snack time at the office :)

Dinner with the roomies and Karla and Vanessa at East Coast Grill

I got Mahi Mahi with grilled avocado, mango salsa, rice and beans, and a garlic mash

Exhibit at the ICA - can't believe I've lived here 2+ years and this was the first time I'd ever been!

Having a car is AWESOME - it means I get to drive around, stop somewhere, open my Yelp app, and see what's in point: Petsi Pies

Had to go for the cinnamon roll - AMAZING cream cheese frosting  

This past week I was in Oklahoma City at our corporate headquarters learning from one of the best execs in the country, Mr. Jeff York. Can't believe how much I learned! 

We had the basement to ourselves - lots of role playing went down

Of course, along with any business trip comes eating out...Had to try Ingrid's Kitchen for some amazingly authentic German food - the spaetzle is out-of-this-world

Interior of the restaurant (click for larger image)

Wish I could take some spaetzle home with me...

Met the most wonderful women during training - Brittiny and Amy are awesome! 


Dinner out with the whole team

Gorgeous view of Hefner Lake

Amy and me

Tasted like I was at a State Fair

Last shot of the ladies before heading to the airport... :(


Waiting for our flights...

Bye bye OKC

Today I went to the Aquarium with CJ and her mom, sister, and grandmother

3 generations of Greek women right there :)

Future living space - I *WILL* get an apartment right on the harbor

Very excited for the 'new' couch...

Aka I went to Target and got a cover and pillows :)

So yeah...I hope you can see where I'm coming from on the feeling old thing...I've got an awesome job, tons of responsibility, things to look forward to...I'm excited to be where I am but also still very much looking forward to what's to come...

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