Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Life According to Me

Here's what's going on in my life....according to yours truly :)

Newest literary conquest - a recommendation from Simon. I'm about...9 pages in. It's dense.

View of downtown on one of my walks

Flowers make me oh so happy

I love the contrast between the flowering tree and the house color

Wine and Cheese Party! 

Christie's place is beautiful (and she hosts a mean party)

Oh my goodness - SO GOOD.

There must have been 15 different kinds of cheese there

This honey is DIVINE - apparently there's a honey store near Harvard Square and they sell this Tasmanian honey. I'll let you know when I visit the store on my own :)

Take 1 (Ambra and Emily) - Candid

Take 2 - Surprise

Take 3 - *cheese!*

It was a wonderful evening - we'll have to do it again soon!

I broke down and ate one of my remaining Kinder Eggs - this little guy was inside

On Tuesday I was traveling for work and stopped at O'Connor's for lunch

Got to try the Scotch Egg


Guinness Stew Pot Pie

I was traveling with a coworker who was familiar with the area and we took a quick walk - lovely bench under a tree...

...overlooking this meadow...

...on this country lane

And I found a beautiful buttercup

We stopped at Bolton Orchards where there was this gem - FRESH cider for 5 cents a cup


So excited! 

On to the beautiful Bolton Public Library for more work

Gorgeous - I could spend a lot of time working there

Rounded out the day with a Buffalo Chicken Calzone at Classic's (the only thing that should ever be ordered there)

Gorgeous flowers at Hope's house

The community group ladies

Crepes for breakfast with CJ after we had a sleepover :)

Tea Party at CJ's!

Lisa made a *wonderful* key lime tarte

Photo shoot in the courtyard

Blue Steel


Tea Party Ladies

Jean Jacket Ladies (gangsta pose)

Polished off my jar of European Nutella

First time making fiddleheads - so easy (and tasty)! Blanch the fiddleheads and then saute them in vegetable oil with fresh garlic and some artisan salt (see photo below)

I visited Pemberton Farms for the first time (how is this possible?! I've lived near it for 2 years!) and they had a small business owner showcasing his product - these wonderful artisan salts. The Hot Habanero Blend from Beyond the Shaker is awesome - a slow burning heat (but not too hot!). 

On to cooking dinner... :)
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Simple Pleasures

On my walk to work this morning, saw this little guy :)

I love love LOVE "Simple Pleasures." These are flashes of pure joy and happiness that I get from moments in my day...this morning it happened when I walked out of my front door and saw a beautiful snail chugging along. 

I love these moments so much that I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to pictures that capture the happy feelings I get (you can look at it [here]). As I was looking through the board of my favorite Simple Pleasures, I noticed a theme...most of them involve either a) sunshine, b) fresh flowers or c) warm soothing beverages (and sometimes a pastry accompaniment). 

Whenever I'm feeling stressed or upset, my immediate go-to thoughts are:
  • Walking down the street on my way home to my apartment with sunshine on my face, looking up at the sky, feeling warm, with a slight breeze and flowers all around me
  • Curled up inside while it's cold and rainy outside in a fuzzy blanket with a cup of hot tea watching some chick flick and reading a good book
  • That perfect moment when you're sitting in a beautiful restaurant, having just ordered exactly what you were craving, and taking that perfect bite of melt-in-your-mouth steak (I close my eyes and smile and sigh when this happens)
These things make me happy :)
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Springtime in the city...

I don't know why it's taken so long, but things are *finally* blooming in Boston :) I love spring..and sunshine...and flowers...

A couple weeks ago, I ran into Andres in Harvard Square - wahoo for random hangout sessions!

The Australians are in town! That means....


CJ and I got to hang out - we went to the library and had Pinkberry...isn't she beautiful?

Can't get enough ;-)

The Commons are beautiful

I can't wait to ride one of these!



Last week I attended a networking event at the French Cultural Center

Beautiful building!

I met a lot of great people at the event and I think I'm going to join the FACCNE

This made me chuckle

AMAZING sushi - I've been searching for 'my sushi spot' ever since I moved to Boston, and wouldn't you know, it's only a 7 minute walk from my apartment?! Hana Sushi is scrumptious!

On Thursday, Vanessa and I took a trip for some Brazilian food (noms)

Hanging out

My pseudo-French breakfast - freshly baked pain au chocolat from Trader Joe's 

(I'm salivating)

ANDY MOVED TO BOSTON!!!!! We got to hang out this weekend and go to brunch, the May Fair in Harvard Square, and we went to see....Iron Man 3!!!! In 3D/IMAX!!! It was SO COOL - everyone should go see it :)

Seeing all these pictures of delicious food I've eaten is driving me MAD - I started juicing today (read all about it [here]) and I'm committed to 2 weeks of juice, juice, and more juice...
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