Monday, January 26, 2015

Food, food, and more food

Not gonna lie, 2015 has kicked off to a pretty awesome start. If the first 3 weeks are any indicator, this year promises to have a ton of adventures, new foods, travel, and friends! Take a peek with me:

Mmmmm sushi - grabbed dinner with my roomie J-Ho at Hana Sushi in Cambridge (one of my favorites in the area)

I made up a list of goals for the year and put together a reading list for the year. First up - The Perfectionist, a novel about the life of Bernard Loiseau. (sooooo good - go read it!) 

Latest guilty pleasure - a wedge of Brie drizzled in honey. A-MAZING.

Yup, that happened. -1*, -19* with the windchill factor...and I went out in it to get my workout on. #immabeast

Total gymrat

One of my all-time favorite scents, the French Cade and Lavender candle from Voluspa. Always makes me think of Spring Break 2010 with Chessa where I bought my first one at the Anthropologie at The Grove

Working out is always better with friends. Gotta stay warm in this subzero temps. 

I think I hit the jackpot with this craft - Gloria absolutely *loved* making her own play-do!

The whole process...

Happy girl! 

Blanching broccoli and I got to use the skimmer ladle Daddio got me for Christmas - worked like a charm!

Love all my new cooking gadgets!

Finished product - Asian noodle salad with sriracha chicken

Two Sundays ago I made good on my promise to cook Beef Wellington for my housemates (as stated in my roommate application). This is *the* most Wellington I've ever made at once and the most prepped-for meal I've ever done (8+ hour over 2 days). So worth it, and yet....never again.

Finished product!

Posing with Nas 

Annnnnnd (distinguished guest and fellow Wellington Connoisseur) Andy

Letting Nas take over the carving duties

The ladies are excited!

Aerial view

The crew! (+Andy and Lorna) 

Any time someone from the Boston area hears I'm a 'foodie,' the immediate follow-up question is 'Have you been to Oleana?' Finally got to check this one off my culinary bucket list by going with my girl Sarah :)

Apple Fatoush—Romaine, Beets, Pomegranate, Crispy Pita & Sumac

Lamb & Grape Leaf Tart—Cumin, Orange, Orzo & Spicy Feta

Spicy Fideos, Chickpeas, Swiss Chard & Orange Aioli 

Honey Cheesecake Kadaifi, Blood Orange Sorbet, Citrus Spoon Sweets, Pistachio

*loved* the honey cheesecake...all-in-all I think it's definitely a fun restaurant with an intimate atmosphere and unique dishes. That said, I'm not sure if I would go back - I think they definitely could have packed more of a punch in terms of flavor with each dish (and came away from each of the 5-6 dishes that I tasted thinking that). Still a fun spot to go try if you're in town!

Have you ever lived in a place so cold that the air hurt your face? I have.

Congrats to Bullhorn for an awesome 2014! #lovemyjob

Flowers from the 2014 celebration :)

So remember that post where I said I got roped into making breakfast for my department? Well last Thursday I made good on another promise

Indian Night with P - delish!

Got to use my William & Sonoma gift card from Momma to pick out my *first ever* chef's knife! (and of course I had to take a few for a test drive before settling on the final cut <---see what I did there?)

The ladies who came with me - Mel, Kristin, and Jen.

And the winner is......the Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife (7" blade)!

Maiden Voyage 

(I had way too much fun with this)

We had our Sales Kickoff last week for Bullhorn and got to have our opening session dinner at The State Room

Absolutely phenomenal view 

What'd I tell ya??

Dinner was really delicious (filet mignon) and then we had a Casino Night afterwards - so fun!

Slightly obsessed with Flour Bakery...and the giant Rice Krispie Treats they make

Walk home :)

On Friday I had my friend Sher over and we made chicken roulade for the first time!

It was a little time consuming but pretty easy to assemble and oh so scrumptious

Master Chef Sher

Finished product - it looks stunning and tastes amazing. Why wouldn't you make it??

Lady Roomies minus Jess <3

My friend Christie remembered that I had loved a tulip arrangement another friend of mine got a year ago and remembered and got me a similar arrangement! How sweet is that???

I love the exposed bulbs - such a cool presentation!

La Dalat Restaurant has been on my culinary bucket list for ages (I think I read about it in an article a couple of years ago) but I always thought I would never actually make it down there. Lucky for me I got an invite to a dinner party in Hull this past weekend, so I had to make a pit stop to check this item off the list! Spicy Tuna Pizza FTW.

Driving up to the house - it was right on the water. As in, if you forgot to take your foot off the gas a second too long you'd be in the ocean.

Icy cold 

The house was *gorgeous* - a work-in-progress but still beautiful. All the latest kitchen gadgets (I had the teensiest bit of kitchen envy) 

Did I mention how cold it was??

...but so beautiful...


The living space - we had a group of about 30 people at dinner!

Kitchen/dining area 


Mingling Take 2 

I promise she loves me ;-)

A most wonderful evening :)

It's official! I'm now certified to save lives

With the kiddos on Sunday - #unimpressed

Stay tuned for an upcoming big announcement (feel free to post guesses in the comments)!

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