Friday, January 2, 2015


I know I'm just echoing the opinion of millions of other people, but where the heck did 2014 go?!?!? I blinked and it's...2015. Holy moly. Ok, so here are the pictures to wrap up the year and I think I want to do a more contemplative year recap/look ahead to 2015 in the next week or so...

Baby Brudder decorating the Christmas Tree :)

I got a surprise package from mi madre at the office!

Chock full of Christmas goodies! Thanks Momma :) 

This pretty lady was my 'date' to the office Christmas party for the 2nd year in a row - we always have fun together!

All lit up

Latest obsession - Bagelsaurus in Cambridge. This place rivals Ess-a-Bagel in NYC, not even kidding...

My absolute *favorite* combo so far is the pretzel bagel with honey rosemary cream cheese...with the garlic cheddar bagel with scallion cream cheese coming in a close second. You guys *MUST* try this place, but go early - they usually sell out before noon!

Kids Church Christmas Choir - they were amazing!

House Project - making a gingerbread house 


The finished product! (Thanks Sarah for this well-staged shot) 

Met up with Christie for coffee - this is then 2nd time we ended up at Barrington and both wore similar outfits...

All the birds eating all the berries...


Girls night + Emmy at the North Street House

HOME (and this is how coffee should always be served) Chicken & Waffles I've had at Beasley's Chicken and Honey. Their collard greens and pimento mac & cheese were bomb too...

In all it's chickeny and waffley glory

You all knew this was coming - no trip home would be complete without a stop at Bo's

Home! Mom decorated the house and it was beautiful! My grandmother was in the hospital this holiday season so my mom traveled up to West Virginia to be with her (which is why you don't see her in my photos) but she was definitely still 'there' in every nook and cranny :) (Love you Momma!)

Dad got a smoker which meant deliciousness for a week (you see bacon here)

So proud of his handiwork! (Love you Daddio)

Liv, Benjamin, Me

...and how Madeline spent most of the trip ;-)

Christmas morning! 

So excited for PRESENTS!!! 

Oh man - he's pumped...

...and so am I! A Le Creuset baking dish from Liv! 

The Daddio was excited too :)

Just look. at. that. face. Pure joy.

When Benjamin came to visit me in October, he 'stole' my flannel robe so I got him his own!

Our voracious reader

My family knows me so well

Dad tried out a new Christmas ham recipe this year and it was *scrumptious* 

And it wouldn't be home without Dad's chocolate cake :-D


I wouldn't mind if every morning was like this...reading with the bro and coffee 

It's nice when he's big enough to do the pushing!

Fulfilling a relatively new Christmas Tradition - making Beef Wellington for the fam

Got to use my new herb chopping block!

(it worked!)

Dun dun dun.....

Finished product - a perfect medium with steamed winter greens finished with a honey balsamic reduction and roasted fingerling herbed potatoes. YUM.

Good bye NC - land of $2/gallon gas and Krispy Kreme

Back to Boston

For New Years I went to a James Bond 007-themed party and took some suited-up berries! I call them my pinterest fail but they tasted alright!

'Dress to Kill'

The party featured a 'photo booth' (thanks Abigail Jean Photography for these next few shots!)

Ladies of North Street plus Lorna (a former housemate)

Oh no!

Current lady roomies - Abigail, me, Jessica, and Sarah

Hahaha - me, Adrian, and Abigail

Too many cool people to count - Happy 2015!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we're back to they. I *somehow* managed to lose a pound while home for the holidays, but now it's back to the more structured workout/diet regime.

Breakfast of champions - peanut butter and 'jelly'

Ok folks, there ya have it - I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and can't wait to update you on 2015!

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  1. Wonderful! I got to see Christmas, after all! Although the tree looks kind of sparse--should have closed the curtains behind it...