Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of summer fun

Summer is winding down...doesn't mean I am! Here's what's up from this week:

Free Zumba on the plaza!

Love this girl - she has fun no matter what :)

CJ and Bill


Trying to keep up...

I had a Groupon to try this place - Addis Red Sea. It has Ethiopian food - something I've never had before

Appetizer - a spicy cottage cheese with the famous 'spongy bread'

See - spongy :)


Beautiful Boston

Nighttime stroll


I miss Paris...

A picnic with me, myself, and I

View while laying in the grass after my picnic

Treat - not a full cupcake, just a frosting shot ;-) 

Funny bench

Afternoon stroll

Last week and this coming week are Restaurant Week in Boston - restaurants prepare selection menus and diners get an app, entree, and dessert for $33.12 at some of Boston's nicest restaurants. Last Thursday, I went to Tapeo with Han, James, and Celine (Han's friend from high school visiting for the week)...we each got 4 tapas and shared and it was aaaaaaaaamazing

(pickled octopus!)

(dates stuffed with goat cheese wrapped in bacon)

After dinner we headed to Emerald for birthday drinks for James...

...but Han couldn't get in because he was wearing shorts...womp womp

So we headed down the street

Blueberry pomegranate martini

The group - bday drinks!

On Friday I went with Vanessa and Yesha to watch Dirty Dancing on the wharf

Pretty hotel

Eating fries and having a blasty blast :)

Saturday - BEACH TRIP

Where's Han's head???

We stopped at Clam Box near Ipswich for clam strips and calamari (Mom, next time you're up, we're going here)


The line was out the door...

....and after tasting these, I could see why

Han brought a Polaroid(ish) camera to take instant shots - that's Celine, me and James

Part of the group

They're so cool!

I'm definitely getting one of these...  

Me and Celine...and some guy in the background

Us again (this shot courtesy of Divu)


Jump shot...almost

Sort of...

A one-legged race (Doris won)

Han doing what Han does...

Yep - I took this shot :)


Buried the birthday boy in the sand

Covering him with more sand 

Looks like an ad for potato chips, huh? 



The group (minus me) 

Toes in the sand

Building our fire

Mmmmmm - hotdogs and s'mores


Can't beat that :)

Perfect marshmallow

Around the campfire


We had way too much fun... 

Another shot courtesy of Divu (professional camera)

Playing Mafia with Divu the narrator

My day :)

And lunch today - one of my favorite spots in Boston

Well that's all for now - have a happy week! :)
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