Saturday, August 11, 2012

Life's a day at the beach

A week in the life of Em....

On my walk through the Commons on my way to CJ's...I *love* Boston

Dinner this week - haddock! Cooked by Mark :)

OMG they can cook...and CJ made THE BEST salad dressing every - all it takes is fresh lemon juice, quality olive oil, fresh chopped green onion, fresh minced garlic, and a touch of thyme if you have it (best if made a day ahead of time)

Her apartment always smells amazing because of this stuff - Green Tea & Lemon fragrance oil from The Body Shop. And it's only $5! Definitely bought some for my room...

Heading out - I look like I'm in high school

Walk home (felt like the scene from Harry Potter where Dumbledore turns out all the street lights)

Lunch next day - rice with fresh tomatoes and CJ's dressing on top (I'm salivating as I type)

Look at that! I ran 2 straight miles! Haven't done that in quite awhile...not the best time, but I'm getting there!

I assembled this Ikea shelf 97% by took me over an hour of blood, sweat, and tears...

...but we got a finished product!

Huge photograph in the living room

It's starting to come together!

New kitchen art too

I had a rough day at work on Wednesday, so I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner...the adventure starts here :)

This is my good ol' standby - always delicious

The Firelily is my typical drink of choice at Central Kitchen

....but it was a wine night

They serve bread with hummus when you get there

Can't resist their steak frites (with aioli dipping sauce for the fries)

And to finish - molten chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. Worth every calorie and penny.

Next day Vanessa dragged me to Crumbs for a cupcake

Ok, ok, I confess, I'm the one that dragged her there...but who can blame me? They were on sale!

Heading out to Liberty Hotel for the weekly fashion show

Big fluffy hair 

Didn't realize it was a swimsuit fashion show


Chattin' it up

Me with Han

Me with James

Courtesy of Han - he's a great photographer!

We be relaxin'

James was showing me pictures of his adorable baby brother

Again - courtesy of Han. Such a cool shot!

This poor guy...must have been up studying really late cause he was supposed to get off at Harvard...

...but missed his stop. Uh-oh.

Accidentally spilled coffee on my laptop at's been quite the workweek for me

Urban art in Dewey Square

Definitely brightens up the place

This week's flowers

Breakfast at Johnny D's - my first blintz! 

Went on a day trip out to Newburyport today and it was such a cute down! This was an interesting swing...

This is my favorite scarf


Me and the cap'n

I really loved these paper flowers...too bad they were $70 

Should I get it?

Funny flowers

Love ivy

Dad - I went into an antique shop all by myself ;-)

Some pretty nifty signage

Definitely some interesting items

Dad....antique heaven

Storm rolling in

And a quick pit stop at the beach

The ocean just goes on forever and ever

Instagram magic on the dunes

A little chilly, but it was still fun


Love the feeling of sand in between my toes

Yay ocean :)

Accessories at the beach

Bye bye beach...'s time to rest. And watch my latest obsession - Modern Family.

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  1. Very many beautiful pictures! I've come to like Instagram very much. You and that lime green/pink sundress? Priceless!