Saturday, August 4, 2012

Life is good

I'm feeling lazy it's just pictures :)

Want this necklace

Lunch....healthy style

New obsession

Yoga with CJ - she's the BEST

Dinner with CJ - she's better than the BEST

I want this necklace too...

Guess who *finally* moved in!!!!!!!!!

Sleepy morning

Love the green

Walk with Adanna

More of my walk with Adanna

This cracked me up :)

You want some strawberry shortcake with that whipped cream Lexi? 


Lunch with Lexi - and we were serenaded by Berklee students

Eating on the waterfront

Love this girl :)

I'm kinda obsessed with jumping pictures...

...and Instagram

Haha the guys are awesome :)

Definitely have dudes living here now....don't worry, we're going to Ikea tomorrow for more furniture...and decor...

Han laughs at me...a lot

Woke up this morning without terrible bedhead! That never happens....and neither do pictures of me with no make-up - this is a one-time deal.

Manny said some pretty hilarious stuff this week so check back on Monday!

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  1. Dear Emily,

    I wish I could comment under each picture--that would make more sense! First of all, I want to meet CJ, too. Did she cook dinner?

    The pics of you are absolutely beautiful, make-up or not. The sleepy morning one looks soooo ANTM! Will you send it to me? AND the last one--gorgeous.

    I'm not sure I remember hearing about Lexi--tell me more.

    The shoes KER-ACK-T me up!! Not to mention that pitiful looking living room...

    Love to you,

  2. Hi Mom :)

    Haha that would make the most sense...but I'm still glad you take the time to call out the ones you like! Next time you're up here of course you'll meet CJ! Or she may come down to NC at some way or the other, you'll meet her :) And yep - she cooked dinner too! I'm trying her recipe this week - it's a curry and it was DELICIOUS.

    Haha I don't know about ANTM status, but with Instagram you can make pretty much anyone/anything look good! It's like the iPhone version of PhotoShop... I'll send them to you :)

    Lexi is a friend of mine from church - we're in the same community group and she runs the kids program (I think I told you I started volunteering with kids). Super nice - I like her a lot :)

    I think I may have told you - removing shoes at the door is a new stipulation in the roommate agreement. Shoes track in dirt apparently...houseshoes/slippers are allowed, though... And we're heading to Ikea this afternoon to spruce up the place - don't worry!

    Love you bunches,