Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings with Manny, Volume 9

Manny is on vacation this week...this is his desk plant (it will reassure him that it's still alive and well)

Straight from Manny's mouth:

Manny: I need to get Instagram. I see so much cool stuff I like that I want to take pictures of. Like I was in Rochester, NY, and I saw this big guy on a Harley and he looked all tough and then I saw 4 raccoon tails hanging off of his muffler.


Manny: Emily I went back to my southern roots – did I tell you about my grits?
Emily: Manny, you’re not southern.
Manny: Anyway, I was in NC and at the hotel I was eating my free breakfast (because I have Diamond Status) and I asked for grits so the lady brought me grits….I asked for syrup and I kept pushing the button and it wouldn’t come out so finally I just pushed it real hard and it all dumped out all over my grits. So the woman was like ‘I know you have to flavor grits a little, but that’s a bit too much’ and I felt bad for making her go to the trouble of getting them so I was literally spooning syrup into my mouth.

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  1. Please tell Manny about butter, salt and pepper for southern grits. Ask him where he learned the syrup thing.

    1. Oh don't worry - been there, done that, taken care of.... ;-)