Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shenanigans with Andy

My friend Andy was in town and whenever Andy's involved, shenanigans are bound to happen...

Allergy test on Friday....results - tree nut allergy. No more almonds, walnuts, or coconuts for Emily :(

Enjoying the sunshine, waiting for Loren so we could go grab drinks

Aaaaaaaaaand I got some spots

It was nice just to sit outside and relax and do nothing for an hour

We went to Drink (one of my favorite spots)

Ramos Gin Fizz and a Mai Tai

Shots are served in these cute glasses

Then Indian dinner with James and Chloe

Bread basket

And a bunch of random meat haha

Andy is here!

Yep, that's a dresser in the background

Standing on a 16,000 pound anchor

Jumping on a 16,000 pound anchor

Watching a shooting demonstration

Pretty cool shot

Different filter

A big boat

I tried out a hammock while in the boat museum


Cleaning the deck

Letting down the sails

It's hard work!

Watching an informative video

Being goofs watching an informative video

Playing house...on a boat

USS Constitution 


It actually still works! They take it out on the water/it's still an active naval vessel 

All the rigging

Big ol' canons 


Below deck

Potties at the front of the boat


Steps leading out 


Looking down the barrel of the gun

The gun (not sure what kind it is)


I'm a rebel


More boat

Infirmary on the boat

No idea what these are for...

He touched the butt!


Weird gas mask thingy

I'm a torpedo!

Andy Chowda 

Chin ups on the gun

Can you see me?


Cool bridge

We came across an outdoor market and found these cute little handmade stuffed animals

And prints

Love this design/logo

Kids enjoying the fountain


Silly Andy


Look at us go :)

Enjoying a Boston lobsta roll

Pretty park in the middle of town

With a cool fountain

Bag 'o' donuts

Driving home

And some videos...

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