Sunday, August 5, 2012


So I think that this warrants its very own post given that it was my inaugural Ikea trip...

Ok so this isn't Ikea (obviously) but I took it on my way home from church this morning

And this (it's some sort of utility box that's been painted to look like a bookshelf)

(this too...well, not a bookshelf, but something prettier than a utility box)

Take 1 - Happy Han, Perturbed Emily, Talkative James

Take 2 - Happy Emily, Gangsta Han, Half-Smile James

WE'RE HERE!!!!!!!!

First stop - lunch. I got the Swedish meatballs upon the recommendation of many many Ikea-goers. I got this huge plate of meatballs, elderberry sauce, mashed potatoes, 2 huge scoops of mac 'n' cheese (there's just something about 'cafeteria mac 'n' cheese' that I love) and a fountain drink all for $7. THAT'S CRAZY.

Elderflower drink...

Go Sweden!

Any picture you take of yourself on my phone is fair game for showing up on my blog (muwahahahaha)

Mmmmm....not my style

James: "I feel like I king in this chair!" so much

Welcome to my (almost) dream kitchen

Wait wait! No more pictures!

One day....

Han: "Hey James - karate chop this tile!"


It felt like I was in my own personal version of Monsters Inc. (that scene that shows where they keep all the doors)

Look at those sweet guys lugging all the stuff around (don't worry, I did my fair share of carrying stuff to our apartment)

Looking up some items

EXHAUSTED after all that shopping

View of Boston driving back into the city

Now for a marathon furniture assembly session (and we have some being delivered on later this week....)

Han's bedroom door Han :)

Making the curry recipe CJ made me last week!

Just look at all those beautiful spices in it - my spice collection is growing and I love it!

Finished product - served on basmati rice (YUM)

And there ya have it, folks - my first trip to Ikea in about 20 pictures :) Check back tomorrow for wise words from Manny!
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  1. That reminds me of the first time I went to Waccamaw Pottery--outrageous. I couldn't think. I'll just stick with my horribly mismatched household furnishings!