Friday, September 26, 2014

Life is good...

Too much goodness going on...the pictures will say it all :)

Last affogato of the season...sad day

Marin turned 2! I got to hang with her and the other littles at her party at the park...

...and I got to help her swing in the big-kid swing for the first time!

All the kiddos swinging away

Time for presents!

Love me some babies :) Photo cred on this and the next 2 to Ashley Bennett

Melanie and I got a photo opp with the birthday girl

Happy Birthday Marin!!!

The whole packing and moving process was soooooooooooo arduous...I hadn't moved in 3 years and accumulated quite a lot. I randomly posted a lament to Facebook about how I wanted a caramel coffee and they don't deliver, but Christie found a way to get one to me! It made me SO. FREAKIN. HAPPY.

Moving...note the crucial 'hold onto the mattress with my arm out the window' move by Tom. #classic

Immediately set up my reading nook...I love it!

Rainbow in Boston after a brief, but massive, downpour

Last community group at Hope's called for colorful dinnerware and yummy options

On my walk to work :)

At the Aletheia leader's meeting - good stuff!

So. Many. Babies.

Gloria just had her 9th birthday - so crazy! She chose to go roller skating for her activity (her favorite thing to do) and we celebrated together

One year matched!

My breakfast for the past few weeks - I've been *loving* this crockpot oatmeal recipe

Another thing I get to see on my walk to work - my 2nd favorite flowers, morning glories :)

A couple weeks ago I caught the bug going around the office...and even though I had only lived there a week, my roommates were already taking care of me! Abigail barged into my room and demanded I drink this 'magic potion' of ginger, lemon, cinnamon, honey, and hot water...sooooooo good...

J-Ho brought home chicken soup for me and put it on my shelf in the sweet are my roomies???

Another reading nook shot :)

Found a new bakery the other day - Quebrada Baking Co. is delicious!

The reason I had my last community group at Hope' because I'm co-leading my own with Ashley!!! We've had a couple of groups already and it's going really well - a little nerve-wracking but so exciting as well to be starting this next chapter!

Vanessa is getting married!!!! And I'm a bridesmaid!!!! Had a lovely time at her engagement party

She even had an artist come in to do a sketch of the full bridal party!

<3 her

(finished product)

On my walk to the T...I know I've lived here for over 3 years, but I still can't get over how gorgeous this city is and how much I enjoy living here!

Side dish for lunch last week - green bean salad with a light dressing

Finally back to a morning routine - I definitely missed it

New desk at the office! Super awesome window seat with lots of natural light

Amsterdam Falafel is one of my favorite spots in Davis Square - I can have dinner for under $5!

New art installation going up in Dewey Square...

We have a gym! At the office!

They just finished it a few weeks ago and pretty much immediately I started using it - I go over lunch for a quick workout.

Oh. My goodness. Had some awesome churros at Zocalo in Back Bay for Jenn's bday

Happy Birthday Jenn!

Friday morning treat last week...Davis Square is awesome

Got to babysit these awesome kiddos last week - aren't they adorable???

We hosted a housewarming BBQ last Saturday and it was a *wild* success! I think we had over 50 people come!

Fun times with friends :)

<3 these ladies

J-Ho and I manned the grills - I was rockin' a pretty mean burger if I do say so myself

Beautiful housewarming gift from Sher

Gloria and I had our 1-Year Match party at the Big Sister office this past Sunday! We got to decorate cupcakes...

...and make friendship bracelets...

...and make cards for each other...

...and get our picture taken! She's grown up so much over this past year!

Nasry just celebrated his birthday (so many birthdays!) and we surprised him with a cake after our house meeting last Sunday (tee-hee!) 

On my walk to work...

How cool is this plating??? You can see more on bekarevi's Instagram

I got hamburger to make spaghetti for lunch this week...and then couldn't find my jar of spaghetti sauce from home due to the move (I'm sure it's in a box in the basement somewhere). I ~refuse~ to get store-bought sauce when I know I have some home-goodness somewhere in the house, so I made myself a hamburger...and boy was it good! I poured stout in the meat with mince garlic to make patties, added caramelized onions on top, gorgonzola, and fig jam. It was probably one of the best burgers I've ever had.

And to cap it all off - an awesome way to start my Monday morning!!! A letter from Benjamin was waiting on my desk when I got into the office. Love him so much!!!

It's been an awesome month of September and fall is in the air...I really can't wait for next month though! It's my birthday month, I have a hiking trip in New Hampshire planned, and...Mom and Benjamin are coming to visit!!!!!! I seriously can't wait!!!

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