Saturday, August 27, 2011

Red Sox @ Fenway Park!

Ok, so it's been a little while since I last posted. I've been so busy working I haven't had much time to go do a bunch of fun stuff, but I finally have some cool things to blog about!

I went to a networking event for the "Wonder Women of Boston" (and I met 5 really cool women there!) and afterwards I walked around the North End for a little bit and this was the view I got to see.... It's such a beautiful city 

My very first major league baseball game! Go Sox!

Radek, Adanna, and me

I finally got to try the Fenway Franks everyone has been talking about... and MAN were the good!

Dunno what's up with my pinkie, but I'm seriously enjoying this hotdog

Kaitlyn finally made it!

The pickle lady - she's literally carrying them all on her head.

So many people

I feel like I got the ultimate baseball experience - seats right behind home plate, hotdogs, I saw a bat shattered because the guy hit the ball so hard, I saw a home run, I saw a guy bunt the ball, I saw a guy slide home... It all happened!

Rounded off the afternoon with a hot pretzel - my baseball experience is complete!

Ready for the hurricane! Bottled water, batteries, candles, canned food, flashlights... Bring it on!

NEW COUCH!!!!!!!

Our living room is finally complete :)

My own version of "The French Doors" - it took me 2 hours to measure, use a level, nail, frame, and hang them, but it was so worth it!

Scene from this afternoon :)

And that is my weekend thus Daron and I are hanging out on our new couch, watching Mission Impossible, and staying out of the rain - mmmm perfect Saturday :)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yet another amazing dinner :)

So I'm starting to realize just how much I blog about food....maybe I should just turn this into a food blog instead of a general life blog :)

Tonight's dinner arrangements got slightly turned around but I think it was actually for the better! After failed dinner plans with my roommates, I decided to go to dinner at Central Kitchen by myself....and it was AMAZING. I let myself get whatever I wanted, which meant Firelilly cocktail, deviled eggs, filet mignon tartare, sunken Belgian chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, and a glass of pinot noir to finish it off. It all tasted phenomenal! And to top off a relaxing and tasty evening, I started talking to the couple sitting at the table next to me and had a really pleasant conversation with them! It always makes me feel so happy when random encounters like that happen... I still don't know their names but they definitely made me laugh and end a stressful day on a happy note :)

So here's the part you've all been waiting of dinner!

No you can see the ambiance... 

With flash - filet mignon tartare with quail egg on the left, deviled eggs with shrimp on the right

My absolutely amazing dessert

It had molten chocolate goodness in the middle....mmmmmmm :)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Euphoric Dinner

Just a quick post about the AMAZING dinner I had with Daron and Diane at Tres Gatos this past Sunday... I can't wait to go back!

Check out the website to read more about this place (it's a bookstore and record shop attached to the restaurant/bar). While we were there we had:

  • Best pitcher of sangria I've ever had
  • Chef's Choice meat and cheese plate
  • Milk Braised Short Ribs: red potato, golden raisin puree, fresh herb sauce
  • Patatas Bravas: crispy Yukon gold potatoes, aioli, salsa bravas
  • Churros & Chocolate: spiced hot chocolate with sugared churros

The Chef's Choice meat and cheese plate....oh so good!

The light fixtures - I took pictures because I want these in my future dream house :)

Another angle

Can't escape The King - this was the board they used to bring us our check (linking the restaurant to the music shop)

Tres Gatos....I WILL be back! :)

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Productive Weekend

So this has been yet another pretty awesome weekend :) 

It started off Friday - I actually got to leave by 3:30 for summer hours! It was awesome to be able to walk around outside in the sunshine mid-afternoon. I walked around downtown for a bit and then headed home to rest, eat dinner, and get ready to go out. I got to go to Shakespeare in the Park - every year they build a set in the Boston Commons and perform a Shakespeare play every night for a couple of weeks. The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company performed "All's Well That Ends Well" and it was really funny! After that I went to a place in Quincy Market called Ned Devine's and it was pretty fun (but they had a live band instead of a DJ so it was kind of a weird atmosphere). 

Saturday was the day of productiveness! Diane, Daron, and I all went furniture shopping - and it was a SUCCESS! We went to Jordan's Furniture first and Daron finally got a bed (she's been sleeping on an air mattress since we moved in) and then we went on a hunt for a couch....and we found the perfect one! And it was on sale!!! Two major purchases made in less than an hour - we were set! After that, everything was really chill and relaxing. Jordan's Furniture is a HUGE complex complete with an IMAX theater, Fuddruckers, candy shop, water fountain and lights show, etc. We wandered around looking at all the displays and had Fuddruckers for lunch, then went to search for a butcher's block. First stop Home Depot (no success), then a mom & pop store (perfect butcher block, too expensive and they wouldn't negotiate), then a random place called Building 19 and 1/2 (nada). Lastly a stop off at Pier 1 Imports to look for decor (nothing jumped out at us) and then home... I can't wait for our couch to be delivered! Everything else is pretty much set, we just need this key piece and then we can decorate and FINALLY have a finished apartment :)

Today is pretty relaxed - Daron and I went to Mr. Crepe for breakfast (yum) and then we've been unpacking and organizing stuff more (there's just so much to do). I have a project for work I need to get started on but that'll wait until later :)

Hey Mom - you wanted to see me in my corner office, so here's a preview! Granted it's a floor display at Jordan's Furniture, but one day this will be me!

This one's for you Dad - I installed all the coat hooks in our hallway! It required measuring and making sure everything was equally spaced, using a cordless power drill to make holes for the screws, then finally installing the hooks. They're all really sturdy and look great! 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work and Play

So I'm in week 2 of my rotation and learning lots and doing new things! It's also been fun to gradually get all the necessary office supplies required to function at maximum efficiency on the job. Here's a little window into the excitement that surrounded the delivery of our very own FILING CABINETS :-D

They all came in big boxes - Becca decided to see if she could fit in one. She could.

We wanted to build a fort

Cause the boxes looked like a lot of fun :)

Adanna is trying her's out

Radek assembling his cabinets

Toni figuring out how to put on the wheels

Notice the difference between my desk...

...and Radek's.

And to finish up the day - a mani/pedi with the roomies!

My awesome mermaid green toes :)

And red nails!

It was a really good day - leading up to a really awesome weekend! Shakespeare on the Common on Friday, furniture shopping Saturday (tax free weekend wahoo!) and SoWa Open Market on Sunday. It's awesome up here!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New apartment!!! :-D

Mmkay, so here's a preview of the awesomeness that is to be my new apartment :)

Ok, well this isn't in my apartment, but I wish it was! There's a cute little ice cream shop on Porter that makes super cool ice cream cones and ice cream flavors. The cone I got had rice crispie treat on the top edge - yum!

My new room! Doesn't look like much for now, but I'm working on it!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay bed :)

The vanity I got - it fits in perfectly!


Living room - needs a lot of work...

...but it has a lot of potential!

Kitchen again

The floors turned out really well - I couldn't believe how good they look! I can't wait to get everything all moved in and decorated - it'll look great! :)
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