Sunday, August 14, 2011

Productive Weekend

So this has been yet another pretty awesome weekend :) 

It started off Friday - I actually got to leave by 3:30 for summer hours! It was awesome to be able to walk around outside in the sunshine mid-afternoon. I walked around downtown for a bit and then headed home to rest, eat dinner, and get ready to go out. I got to go to Shakespeare in the Park - every year they build a set in the Boston Commons and perform a Shakespeare play every night for a couple of weeks. The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company performed "All's Well That Ends Well" and it was really funny! After that I went to a place in Quincy Market called Ned Devine's and it was pretty fun (but they had a live band instead of a DJ so it was kind of a weird atmosphere). 

Saturday was the day of productiveness! Diane, Daron, and I all went furniture shopping - and it was a SUCCESS! We went to Jordan's Furniture first and Daron finally got a bed (she's been sleeping on an air mattress since we moved in) and then we went on a hunt for a couch....and we found the perfect one! And it was on sale!!! Two major purchases made in less than an hour - we were set! After that, everything was really chill and relaxing. Jordan's Furniture is a HUGE complex complete with an IMAX theater, Fuddruckers, candy shop, water fountain and lights show, etc. We wandered around looking at all the displays and had Fuddruckers for lunch, then went to search for a butcher's block. First stop Home Depot (no success), then a mom & pop store (perfect butcher block, too expensive and they wouldn't negotiate), then a random place called Building 19 and 1/2 (nada). Lastly a stop off at Pier 1 Imports to look for decor (nothing jumped out at us) and then home... I can't wait for our couch to be delivered! Everything else is pretty much set, we just need this key piece and then we can decorate and FINALLY have a finished apartment :)

Today is pretty relaxed - Daron and I went to Mr. Crepe for breakfast (yum) and then we've been unpacking and organizing stuff more (there's just so much to do). I have a project for work I need to get started on but that'll wait until later :)

Hey Mom - you wanted to see me in my corner office, so here's a preview! Granted it's a floor display at Jordan's Furniture, but one day this will be me!

This one's for you Dad - I installed all the coat hooks in our hallway! It required measuring and making sure everything was equally spaced, using a cordless power drill to make holes for the screws, then finally installing the hooks. They're all really sturdy and look great! 

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  1. You are too funny! Thanks for the "preview"---next time photo shop out Home Depot! I'll be looking forward to pics of the new couch/decorated space. Happy Decorating!