Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work and Play

So I'm in week 2 of my rotation and learning lots and doing new things! It's also been fun to gradually get all the necessary office supplies required to function at maximum efficiency on the job. Here's a little window into the excitement that surrounded the delivery of our very own FILING CABINETS :-D

They all came in big boxes - Becca decided to see if she could fit in one. She could.

We wanted to build a fort

Cause the boxes looked like a lot of fun :)

Adanna is trying her's out

Radek assembling his cabinets

Toni figuring out how to put on the wheels

Notice the difference between my desk...

...and Radek's.

And to finish up the day - a mani/pedi with the roomies!

My awesome mermaid green toes :)

And red nails!

It was a really good day - leading up to a really awesome weekend! Shakespeare on the Common on Friday, furniture shopping Saturday (tax free weekend wahoo!) and SoWa Open Market on Sunday. It's awesome up here!

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  1. Wow. Filing cabinets are exciting, but those toes......