Sunday, February 24, 2013

31 Days

The countdown has begun...London here I come!!!! :-D

I'm sleepy, so straight into the pictures...

Stop at Tealuxe for a little soul searching...

....ok so not really 'soul' searching....(look at all that TEA)

I had "peachy white" while trying to figure out what I want to do with my life (reading "What Color is Your Parachute" by Richard N. Bolles)

I take my cupcakes straight up ;-)
Susan made 'alcoholic cupcakes this week - Guinness cupcake, Jameson ganache, and Bailey's frosting

Birthday drinks/dinner with Kristina and Sarah - I got an Oyster Po Boy at Granary Tavern

Friday lunch - I was craving truffles and (lucky me!) Roxy's showed up! 

Green Muenster sandwich and *truffle* fries! Nom nom nom

Hahaha love this girl - we manage to have fun no matter what we're doing (even if it's just going on a run to South Station for....)

PINKBERRY (we may be *slightly* obsessed)

Chillin' with the Han-ster :) 

Brunch at The Paramount with CJ! Apparently they have some 'unorthodox' seating methods (enough to warrant a sign) 

Bustling Saturday morning 

Dad - I think you need this! Wood-burning stove with a wavy metal grate on top (pretty darn cool)

OM NOM NOM NOM - brunch is my favorite

Aerial view

New favorite snack - peppers and blue cheese!  

Family - this stuff is LIMITED EDITION - run to Ingles and purchase all packages NOW. ;-)

Ok, I'm off to bed so I can drag myself to another 6 am workout.... 
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Random Update

So I've been taking it a bit slow the past couple of weeks - we've had a TON of snow and it's been hard to get out/around...I do have a few photos from the past little bit, though :)

One of my favorite eateries - Boston Burger Co. CJ and I met up for dinner last week and it was tasty...

...Nacho Fries (dairy on the side for CJ)...I was SUPER impressed that they actually took the time to melt the cheese in a separate bowl instead of just giving me a cup of shredded cheese. Major props, BBC

THE best burger - the Hot Mess. Epic.

Latest obsession - Pinkberry. Vanessa and I go...a lot. :-D

Loooooooooove me some Pinkberry

For Shrove Tuesday I met up with Sarah for dinner. I was on a mission for pancakes, but couldn't find any, so opted for a burger (that was bigger than my head) instead...

...and chocolate cake with raspberry, strawberry, and mango

This is how people save hard-earned parking spots in Massachusetts after spending hours shoveling out their cars

Vanessa surprised me and we went out to lunch at a Brazilian restaurant (Santana's Plaza Cafe) and it was sooooooooo tasty

Brazilian dessert I couldn't eat (womp womp) because it had bananas and almonds on it...

Chocolate chip layer cake made by Melissa for Community Group (one of the tastiest desserts I've ever eaten)

Hahahaha Valentine's Day poem...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww - my sister Madeline sent me a Valentine!

Look what she made for me!!!!!!! It's a magnet reminding me to "Treat Yo Self"
You can watch the video to see what I mean here:


Do you see it? One of these labels is not like the others..... ("Cilantro"? Not "real" cilantro?) 

Trying to get myself to like grapefruit because it's supposed to be soooooooooo good for you. Ick

I was talking with my dad on the phone last night and he was talking about cell phones/technology and he thinks it's just for convenience...I thought it was funny that while on the phone call, I got a FB notification, email, and text on What's App all in the same 5 minutes...

February looks like it'll be a pretty chill month, but I'm ok with that cause.....

.....I'M GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally booked my ticket and I'm set to go in March. I can't wait and I'll definitely be blogging about it :)

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowpocalypse 2013

So, as many of you may have heard, the northeast got hit with a pretty intense blizzard this weekend - Nemo. Honestly, I think Nemo was the perfect name for this little winter storm - for me, it was pretty mild (I had power the whole time) and all I got was lots of pretty snow. I stayed in Friday and Saturday, cooked to my heart's content, drank wine and hot cocoa, and watched girly was pretty darn awesome! Here are the snapshots I got of the great blizzard of 2013 (and other things):

Got in 3 morning workouts this week - I love starting my day off this way!

Booth at work for Chinese New Year

Apparently I was born in the year of the rabbit...I don't think it's a very accurate description of me... 

I have my own brand of fortune cookies! Who knew??

Before the snowpocalypse, I stocked up on my version of the cooking essentials: kale, chicken, soba noodles, and wine ;-)

Nemo came!

There's a car under there...somewhere...

No way am I leaving my apartment...instead...

...I lay in bed and eat my childhood favorite - Cocoa Puffs - straight from the box

These brave souls ventured out to start clearing their driveways


My other blizzard survival staple - crepes (video below on how to make them!) 

Today I went out to go grocery shopping and came upon this adorable snow park! So many different snow sculptures were made (I took pictures of the best ones):

(Even high-brow Cambridge/Somerville enjoys a little 'potty humor')

How the big dawgs get rid of snow

Yep, you see that right. Dude 1 is chillaxin on the snow bank...Dude 2 is shoveling snow...both in their boxers. Gotta love Boston :)

And finally - the fruits of my laborious trek to Shaw's: garlic greens (DELICIOUS), mashed sweet potatoes, and black beans with ham. One of the most satisfying meals I've ever made, and pretty good for you too.

A little footage of the snow removal process

A (very) quick vid on the art of crepe-making

I have no idea what I'll be up to this week...comment or email me if you have any suggestions of fun things to do!

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