Sunday, February 3, 2013

Girls just wanna have fun...

...and travel the world and have great careers and learn to cook the perfect souffle and run half-marathons and go snorkeling and climb up palm trees and refinish old bureaus and eat their body weight in Mr. Goodbars...

Such great dreams I have...

You can tell when your property manager (and only YOUR property manager) has been by...

Finally got a chance to use my awesome Christmas present - my emulsion blender!

I made my mom's awesome Butternut Squash Soup - it's SO GOOD

UNC BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! 

On Tuesday I went to my first game post-college (way too long) when the Tar Heels played at BC

Man down :(

Part of the crew (3 alumni - me, Marc, and Divesh; and Russ)

My new favorite breakfast (again)...can't get enough of this stuff

I got one of those desk calendars of the website TextsFromLastNight and this one made me burst out laughing (because - I'll admit - that's totally been me before)

So excited to get my StickyGrams! (Magnets made of my Instagram pictures)

Classic - butter, sugar, lemon crepe

Breakfast Saturday

On Saturday, Vanessa called me up for a spontaneous hang out and introduced to Que Padre - my new favorite restaurant...because.... walk in and are immediately greeted with a case of SALTENAS!!!!

A Bolivian cola

Saltenas...oh how I love them :)

Pique a lo Macho (potatoes, steak, hotdogs, and toppings - so incredibly delicious)

Silpancho - rice, potatoes, slaw, and a thinly sliced fried steak (and eggs)

After lunch, V and I went to get our nails done :)


LOVE this nail color

"Deutsch you want me baby?" is the color name...

After we got our nails done, we went to a cat breeder's home to take a look at the kitties

I'm not really a cat person (I'm quite allergic to them) but these guys were pretty stinkin' cute

He could fit into the palm of my hand!


Saturday night, dinner with Melissa and Jen at The Foundry on Elm

This is one of THE most satisfying desserts I've ever had - and it's not even chocolate! Sticky Toffee Pudding (pumpkin date cake, toffee, and vanilla ice cream - scrumptious!) 

Today - birthday dim sum brunch for Kevin with church friends!

Relaxing this evening (finally) in my puppy-print fleece robe that I've had since I was 12... :)

This week - be on the lookout for my first-ever "Beauty Blog"! 
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