Sunday, October 7, 2012

This is 25 :)

This has been a pretty amazing and epic week...because it was my birthday week! I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

Monday - started out the week by trying a pizza place I've been meaning to try in Harvard Square


YUM - Mom you would love this (eggplant and ricotta pizza)

On to my first college lecture in 2 years! Isn't Harvard beautiful in the fall?


Waiting in line for the *free* public lecture...

...for Science and Cooking!

I learned the physics behind why a molten chocolate cake is molten in the middle

And then got to see chefs from around the world do cooking demonstrations illustrating the science principles we just learned... I saw:

Fina Puigdevall, Les Cols
Pere Planagumà, Les Cols
Paco Perez, Miramar

That's buckwheat spaghetti in a reduced vegetable broth


Soup's up!

Final display

Cutting the wheat cake into cubes

I got my very own cube of buckwheat - just add water! I still need to try it


And I got to try some! This was a cotton-candy confection with toasted pine nuts (realized I may be allergic to these too when my lips started swelling and blistering...womp womp), parmesan cheese, basil, and other goodies. Delicious minus the allergic reaction

I love fall :)

FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!! :) From the lovely Vanessa - she knows sunflowers are my favorite :)

So pretty - they made my work week so happy

Snack drawer haha

Tea time with CJ!

Isn't she lovely? 

Cute tea room


Mmmmmmmm tea

And scones and sandwiches and pastries

I haven't had a tea party since I was little - this was awesome!


LOOK WHAT CJ GOT ME!!!!!!! My very own star!!!! 

SO EXCITED - my Onna Ehrlich bag *finally* came's been quite the ordeal trying to get it and dealing with their unresponsive customer service, but I got it in before my birthday so I was happy :)

Found a juicer in the office...

So Evan and Radekal made juice!

Doesn't look that great...

...but it was tasty!

Birthday drinks with the ladies!

Oh hey Adanna

Oh hey margarita :)

And Rebecca and Amanda and a GIANT pitcher of sangria

Careful don't spill!

They got me a cake!!!! I got to make a wish! And it came true... :)

Yay :) 

Ready for bday festivities!


And more fall

And even more fall (so New England-y)

Me with Sarah and Loren at the winery

Picnic time!

CJ, Mark, Hilary, Gavin

Nom nom nom

Picnic food

The winery

The traditional cider donut and cider


Enjoying some fall goodness

We take so many pictures together, her phone thinks she's me!




Picking apples

Got it!

So cute :)

Traditional jumping picture

James and Han dueling...

...only James stepped in a puddle


Not happy lol

We got our apples!

Even more fall 

Out to Estate for dancing

Spin that music

Roomies + Juan - such a fun night!

And that, dear readers, was my 25th birthday. I can't wait to see what this year brings!
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  1. Okay, so I'm about half way through and freezing out here, so I'll finish the rest inside--love the bag, and the freeze dried buckwheat cube--how elegant! Snark.