Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's going to happen next?

Do you ever get the feeling that you just can't wait to see what's coming next? It's something in your you know something good or exciting (or both) is about to happen. We shall see... :)

Not a ton of pictures this week, but here's what went on:

Gotta start out 25 right - with COFFEE (cappuccino, my new favorite)

So I went to CVS to grab some pore strips...

...and everyone had to try them

Spontaneous jam and pore-cleaning session


I 'won' a party at Mija complete with drink and food specials, so I went out with some EP homies for $3 margaritas and $1 tacos (the chicas - Rebecca, me, Amanda)

(the chicos - Radek, Evan, and Charlie)

[The best is yet to come]

Beautiful fall night

On Saturday I tried to go to the first annual Food Truck Throwdown...

...but it was sooooooo crowded!

I wanted to try this place...

...but the wait was over an hour and I was famished, so instead I headed for...


Spicy Frikandel et frites

Salted caramel waffle (mmmmm)

*Somebody* tried to convince me I should get a fedora...I just think I look like a silly version of Indiana Jones

To round out the 'me' day, I took myself to the movies and saw Pitch Perfect (a Glee-esque movie about college a capella). It was funny and had some great music!

Check in next week for pictures from my 2nd ever trip to NYC! I'm so stoked to be going with CJ!!!
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  1. Hey! Those cupcakes are fabulous and I want one when I visit next! Benjamin said, "Me, too!" I liked the pics of the pore strips. Remind me to look for the pic of Dad with a face mask on...

    Have I told you lately that you are beautiful? Such a happy picture at the Mija "party". And you don't look silly at all in the fedora!

    1. Cupcake-pop will definitely happen :) And I would love to see a picture of Dad in a face mask haha :)

      Love you Mom!!!