Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Women Want

I'm having my own version of Mel's famous scene of trying on all those girly products - the roommates are out, I have the apartment to myself, so I've got Kelly Clarkson on full blast, cooking up a storm, having a private dance party in my kitchen, and indulging in all things girly. Exhibit A:

Red wine - check
Glasses/messy hair - check
Pore strip - check
Chocolate - check
Girl Power Tunes - check


Yes, dear readers, this is my life :) Photos from the rest of it...

Beautiful Boston (walk home from work)

I took a spontaneous trip to New Haven to see Xander! First stop - Yale's prestigious campus

I could see myself taking a nap here...

Book fortress (old manuscripts)

Close up

The first book ever printed - the Gutenberg Bible

Tasty dinner at Caseus

We got the app special - Jalepeno Poppers....these were made with ghost pepper chili powder - they were so hot, we had to sign a waiver just to eat them!

Delicious scallops and risotto


Listening to a free concert of the Yale Philharmonia - it was absolutely beautiful (the acoustics were amazing)

He plays very well :)

Moose Track Milkshake time!


CJ and I went shopping yesterday and I found THESE - can't wait to wear them out! :) (If you like them, click here)

Beautiful fall

Chatting and sipping beverages in the Commons

A most excellent week - can't wait for this coming one!
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  1. HA. Great Movie! Sounds like had you a good time.

    1. ps. My favorite part about leaving a comment is definitely the end, where I get to prove I'm not a robot and type in words that are barely legible.

      The last word I had was "telyplu" -___-

    2. I'm still not convinced you aren't a robot...