Saturday, June 1, 2013

Get the grill and tank tops out!

SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I know that it's technically still spring, but we *finally* got the summer heat we've been waiting for since...April. Virtually overnight it went from being in the 60's to being in the 90's. I spent all of Thursday packing away my winter clothes and pulling out my summer staples, I've installed my window A/C unit, and today I had my first ice cream cone of the season (see below for photo evidence).

I also went home for the long weekend and got to hang out with my family (always good!) and see my good friend Lacey and her brand new baby, Donovan! Unfortunately I lost my phone over the course of my Friday night out with my sister, so I don't have nearly as many photos as I'd like to have to share with you.

Before I share my photos from this week, I'd like you to mosey on over to my food [blog] - I've got some great recipes on there and I'm going to write my first official restaurant review as soon as I'm done with this post!

He's Not Here (Emily and Madeline College Haunts Bar Crawl 2013)

What used to be Kildaire's...

East End

The Crunkleton 

Meeting Donovan!

My little brother feeding the new baby

Isn't he precious?!?

Great afternoon at The Bywater in Asheville hanging out with Lacey and her husband Justin, baby Donovan, and even Evan, an old high school friend of mine and Lacey's :)

Broke out the grill this week - Andy grilled steaks (to perfection), squash, and avocados - YUM.

Breakfast of champions (and nothing left in the pantry) - chocolate chip pancakes

What do y'all think? Time for some new houseshoes? 

On Thursday I went out with Han and James to grab some froyo. Normally I load up on chocolaty flavors and toppings, but I was feeling fruity, so I opted for strawberry and vanilla with fresh fruit toppings.

I love waking up to sunlight streaming into my bedroom

I recently subscribed to the New York Times (Living Social Deal - 8 weeks for $1!) and came across this 'recipe' (can you call something with 2 ingredients a recipe?)

Had to try it myself - a 'poor man's sangria' (red wine with a splash of coke)

Friday I headed out for a much-needed girls' night. We grabbed dinner and drinks at Coda

Then headed over to Clery's for more drinks (that's me, Sarah, other Emily, and Loren)

Today Andy convinced me to grab lunch at Mike's - a joint in Davis Square I'd never tried before. Decent pizza, good prices, and outdoor seating - can't go wrong with that combo :)

After lunch, I headed over to babysit (4 kiddos!) for some church friends. I got slobbered on by the wee one, but it's ok...he's cute ;-)

And lastly....that heavenly first lick of one of summer's best treats documented here...unfortunately I'm a hot mess and got it all down my chin and shirt... Follow me on Instagram [here] so you don't miss out on any pictures!

Lots going on this week...and my dad and brother are coming to visit me soon! Can't wait to show you those pictures :)
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  1. Pitiful, pitiful. Please post a pic of new houseshoes ASAP! Love the beautiful boys!