Sunday, June 9, 2013

Superhero Scramble!

Yesterday I, along with CJ, Mark, and Mathew, did the Superhero Scramble...a 4+ MILE race with over 20 OBSTACLES. Let me tell you - it was BRUTAL. Not only is a course like that challenging enough, but after all the rain from Tropical Storm Andrea that came the night before, it was nothing but a huge muddy mess...

The course was set up at Amesbury Sports Park*

Killer way to start a race - straight up a hill, straight back down, and straight up again (way to tire you out at the very beginning)*

First obstacle - climb up, over, and down again*


Another obstacle - making it across the water pit (that turned into a mud pit) without falling in...I fell in...and for any obstacle you couldn't complete, you had to do 10 "Super Spins" (classic put-your-forehead-on-the-baseball-bat-and-spin) and then 10 burpees*

I made it through this one without falling into the mud pit!*

Other obstacles included running through tires, army-crawling through mud pits under *real* barbed wire, scaling 8 ft walls, jumping off 15 ft ledges into mud pits (I was too scared for that one - I absolutely hate heights), and climbing up ropes...

The group pre-race (me, CJ, Mathew, and Mark). Note the *white* shirt

Super stoked!

Post-race...note the now *brown* shirt

We KILLED that course!

Showering down post-race - that water was COLD

So happy we made it through!

The absolutely awful sunburn I got - don't worry Mom, Madeline already scolded me for not wearing sunscreen. Yes it still hurts, even after loading up on aloe and ibprofen :(

What a great way to spend a Saturday! I'm so proud I made it through the course! I definitely plan on doing it time I'll train more beforehand though!

*these images taken from the Superhero Scramble Facebook page
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  1. Wow! That looks like fun--the mud, anyway, and is something I NEVER intend to do!