Friday, June 14, 2013

Dad and Benjamin in Boston!

My dad and brother are here!!! We've been having a blast going around Boston - it's always fun showing my city off. I discover something new every time!

First, a few photos from earlier in the week and then the past few days of their visit:

Oh a whim, I stopped into Darul Kebab and got some veggie samosas and garlic naan - DELICIOUS and cheap (all this food for $8)

Latest literary endeavor

Trying out a new look - what do y'all think?

Cheesecake in a cup! I was craving cheesecake and lucky for me I had all the ingredients and made up a recipe that turned out pretty tasty:


3 tbsp cream cheese, 1 egg, 3 tbsp sugar, 1 (heaping) tbsp Nutella, 1 tbsp sour cream
Mix well in large mug (I used my immersion blender), cook in microwave until done in 30 second increments
Chill in fridge for an hour (or freezer for 20-30 minutes if you're impatient like me)
Top with crumbled graham cracker and strawberries


Taking a relaxing ride with Andy

Rooftop BBQ with Niraj and Lawrence - they have an awesome view

Straight up chillaxin


Niraj - proud of his work :)

Gorgeous suset

FINALLY - I know this isn't a huge deal, but I've been working for months to get my average score over 250,000 lol

Dad and Benjamin finally here!

First stop, the Museum of Science

Shocking themselves

The Sorcerer 


Learning all about electricity and currents

Van de Graaff generator (creates the electric current)

Tornado time

Sibling love :)

Enjoying his time in the space pod

Benjamin's favorite part of the museum :)

Sleepy boys on the bus home

Little mister enjoying his morning cup of coffee

Silly morning faces


Lunch in Chinatown at Hong Kong Eatery 

Absolutely PHENOMENAL roast duck - Dad was sooooooooo happy 

Benjamin loved his vegetable lo mein

And I had Chinese sausage and roast pork over rice - delicious!

After that lunch, we needed to do something relaxing to let our food settle...what better way to do that than to ride the Swan Boats?


Gorgeous day

The actual swans

Followed by dessert at Max Brenner - Benjamin got the kid's pizza

...while Daddio opted for the molten chocolate cake

Chowin' down

Rounded out the day with a stop into the Boston Public Library

Yesterday we visited the USS Constitution

He was SO EXCITED to explore the boat!

Benjamin got an American flag that's been flown on the USS Constitution (which can only be purchased on the boat!)

Parting shot

Benjamin is soooooooo happy we're finally getting lunch (you'd think he hadn't eaten in days)

Dad and Sam La'Grassa 

Today was a low key day - I had an appointment and errands to run this morning and then we checked out B&G Oysters. Dad and I had watched this show on Netflix called "The Best Food Ever" and this place was listed on the episode about sandwiches...of course I had to try it :)

A bright and refreshing interior

Loved the unique light fixtures

Had to get the lobster roll (featured on the show) - it was AMAZING. Light and lemony, with house-made pickles and slaw, crisp hot nom nom it was soooooooooo gooooooooood...

So much more to see and do! Can't wait to show you all what happens the rest of the trip :)

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! Y'all have done some really cool stuff this week! I love all the food pics, of course, but that boat is fantastic--I wanna go on it, too. Love the shot of you and Benjamin by the cannon. And I think I'll need a trip to the science museum. :)

    Love you!

    P.S. The purple pom-pom flowers are huge--need some of those in my garden...

    P.P.S. to Benjamin--I can't WAIT to see your flag!