Monday, June 17, 2013

The visit continued...

Dad and Benjamin are flying back tomorrow are the rest of the pictures from their visit!

This is how Benjamin fell asleep the other night...with my stuffed lobster on top of him :)

Saturday - a trip into Newburyport/Plum Island Beach with Andy

The water is FREEZING

Group shot!


On Saturday night Benjamin and I went on a secret mission to prepare for Dad's birthday and Father's Day

"to my bestest dad ever!"

Sunday morning we woke up early to make Special Day Pancakes for Dad!

Happy Father's Day Daddio!


After breakfast, out to the Davis Square Flea Market 

Of course Dad found the comic books...

Sword fight in the kitchen


Heading into Faneuil Hall for a quick bite

One of my favorite museums in the world - the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Pit stop at Modern for an assortment of pastries 

Dad grilling his own celebratory meal (he wouldn't let me!)

Om nom nom - it doesn't get much better than this!

Delicious :)

The boys chowing down

Remember that pit stop at Modern? This is what we got....(be jealous) ;-)

And that brings us to today - we let Benjamin lead the way and pick our stops. We got off at Charles MGH and walked down Charles St. and into the Boston Common

Another sword fight 

Stumbled upon Brattle Book Store on West St - I got 6 books for $1 each!

Onto some sweet treats from the Cookie Monstah food truck (I got salted caramel cookies with oreo ice cream)

Noshin' on our goodies

Now we're in for the evening for some relaxation. It's been a fantastic week!!!
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  1. Looks like some good fun and an especially happy birthday/father's day for dad!