Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEW JOB!!!!!!

So I've officially started my new job at ConnectEDU, Inc. IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Before I tell you about it, here are some pictures documenting this past week...

Dinner with Daron on Friday and cupcakes (with shots of frosting) after our sandwiches at Crema Cafe

The house I live in (for now) - isn't it pretty?

Looking out over the Charles on our walk to see the fireworks

The group - Diane (future roomie), Cassie (Diane's friend), Daron (future roomie) and yours truly


Pretty fireworks :)

So cool!

The injury that created so much stress... I slammed my finger in the front door walking out to go see fireworks and nearly took it off... I had to go get an emergency tetanus shot because mine had expired...since I last got one in 1998...

Ready for my first day at work!

View from the office of downtown/financial district


So happy here *le sigh* :)

View of the harbor

And again

Grass on a roof

Airplane landing - it looks like you're going to crash into the water but you're fine :)

Almost touchdown 

My desk! Note the awesome double screen, phone, nametag, etc... I'm decorating it tomorrow :)

My super cool ID that gets me past security

Sunset over the city :)

So yeah, these past 2 days have basically been awesome. I started out yesterday (my first day at work) by grabbing coffee with the ladies in the EP program and then heading into the office. We got to meet everyone first and get acclimated before being launched right into training. I've learned so much information over the past 2 days! Products, marketing, processes, platforms...and there's still more to go! It makes it all really exciting and engaging to get to learn about everything from a high level view right off the bat. We got to tour the building a little bit (cafeteria on the 4th floor, gym in the basement - definitely going to be taking advantage of those) and look around - I definitely need to take an hour or so to get used to where everything is. After our first day, all the EPs (there are 6 in my class) plus a few others went to dinner with Craig, the CEO of the company. We headed to The Met ( and it was DELICIOUS. It was a working meal, though, and Craig told us more about the history of the company, its mission, value, and culture... It really put things into perspective after having more technical training during the day. 

This brings us to day two... Got into the office early to get a little more settled in and send out a few emails and fill out paperwork (blah tax forms) before starting our second day of training. There's so much to learn! I like it, though, because it's all really intuitive and logical. We were lucky enough to have leftovers from dinner the night before so all the EPs had lunch in the kitchen (and later we all had dinner haha) which was nice because we didn't have to leave the building. I'm really excited about some fun office activities planned and for my first company meeting, which I think is next week sometime. To finish off the day I took the T home with Adanna, a fellow EP who actually lives on my street. It's nice to have a friend to talk to on the way home :)

So far everyone has been reeeeeeeeeeally nice and helpful - this company is going to do some amazing things!!!

**Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.**
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  1. You looked GORGEOUS in your first day red and black! The finger cot didn't detract one bit--but I have to admit I had a comment for the photo of the injury. And it wasn't just "owie".

    I love your work space and I'll be looking forward to a pic of the corner office view sometime soon!