Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let's go to the beach!

So this morning I decided to sleep in and be suuuuuuuper lazy....meaning I didn't get out of bed until noon. I had these big plans to explore my area of Boston - take a long walk down Mass Ave, stop in at all the cute little shops along the way, get lost on purpose, and end up at the Verizon store to figure out my phone situation... But I opened my bedroom door and Daphne (my roommate) asked "hey, do you want to go to the beach? I have an extra seat in my car!" To which I replied...."Um, heck yeah I'll go to the beach with you!" And so in a matter of minutes I was throwing together a bag and putting on my swim suit and hopping in the car to head to Singing Beach, about 45 minutes away. Apparently it's called Singing Beach because the sand is supposed to sound like it's singing when you step on it...or at least make some kind of noise (I heard nothing). At any rate, Daphne, her friends Aileen and Michelle and Matty, and I all camped out on the beach all day. It was quite small, probably not even a quarter of a mile from the cliff on the left to the cliff on the right, but it was still nice. The water was FREEZING. In mid-July (yep, definitely not in the South anymore). After several hours on the beach we packed up and headed out and grabbed dinner at Fuddruckers on the way home (it was in this ginormous shopping complex quite unlike anything I'd ever seen before - it housed a furniture warehouse, an IMAX theater, a small carnival-like thing....craziness) and finally rolled in around 10 pm. A long day, but oh so much fun! Here are some beach highlights:

Informative video on the vegetative specimen found on the beach

The seagulls were HUGE. They attacked Daphne's bag of potato chips while I was napping and they also pooped on Michelle as they flew overhead (I've never seen that actually happen to someone in real life).

Cliff on the left...

...cliff on the right.

And boats on the water in between :)

Wouldn't you just love to live in THAT house?

The water was SO COLD. 

But so pretty :)

It almost looks like I'm in NC doesn't it?

I found my very first sand dollar!!!!

I was very excited :)

Proof of excitement 

Looking out over the vast expanse of ocean before me

and rejoicing in it!

Picture of the weird seaweed-like popper things

My attempt at being artistic 

I kept the seashells :)

4 of the 5 other EPs in my 'class' - Becca, Radek, Toni, and Amanda. We're out in downtown Boston on a mission to purchase gifts for the graduating EPs

Cruise ship in the harbor

View from my building - can you see the cruise ship waaaaaaaaay back in the background?

All-in-all it's been a pretty phenomenal week and weekend so far. I'm heading to church with Daphne in the morning, all the things I planned to do today I'm doing tomorrow afternoon, then grabbing dinner with my friend Divesh. Somewhere in there I have to read a 120 page RFP for work, but I'll get it done in time for my 2nd Monday at Connect! :-D

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