Saturday, July 9, 2011

My weekend so far...

So this weekend has been a lot of fun so far - and it's only halfway over! I got to go to a friend's wedding and....BE IN A MOVIE!!!!! 

Adam and Corrine are friends of mine from my church in NC and they were both in my Community Group. Corrine's family is from Boston so they had the wedding at a beautiful church in Woburn. It was so great to see North Carolina friends! My Community Group leaders, Abe and Kim, were also there - it was awesome to get to see everyone :)

After the ceremony we used our horrendously ugly Zip Car to make a quick trip to Target and then on to our next big adventure...being in a movie with Mark Wahlberg! It was a bunch of waiting around, standing up and sitting down, but it was definitely a fun experience - one thing to check off my bucket list! The movie comes out in 2012, so be sure to go see it ;-)

Beautiful bride - I loved her dress!

I missed the first kiss darn it!

They're such a pretty couple

What a cool idea for a guest book - fingerprints! 

Me and my plus one :)

Me with Abe and Kim

Last shot of the happy couple - congrats you guys!

Parting shot of the church

Haha being silly on the drive back 

View driving back

Our awesomely ugly Zip Car

Hatch Shell

What are we gonna do for the next 6 hours? Be in a movie, that's what!

Got lots of shots of Hatch Shell 

Besties/friendies/roomies :)

Our sweet-awesome passes to get us into the set

Getting darker - we couldn't film until it was nighttime 

Now we're lookin' cool

That's Norah Jones!

The band

She makes the best faces :)

Mark Wahlberg!

And on the way home... Swung by Cheers! Granted I've never seen the show, but at least I can say I've been there...or rather gotten a picture with the sigh... :)

All in all, it's been a great weekend so far! Sleeping in tomorrow then showing my room to a bunch of people - hopefully one of them will take the bait and SUBLET IT!

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  1. What great pictures! I hope for all that time waiting you can at least be SEEN in the shots scanning the crowd in the movie!