Thursday, November 29, 2012

Emily's Favorite Things

Why let Oprah have all the fun? I want to share my favorite things with you too! Click on the images if you're interested in buying any of these products :)

I love my Pampered Chef Baking Stone - easy clean up, nothing ever sticks or's great!*

Can't get through winter without these warm fuzzy microfleece sheets*

This umbrella makes me so happy on a dreary day*

Amazing clean, crisp scent - great for the office*

Any of the lavender-scented products from Mrs. Meyers are fantastic (soap, cleaner, detergent...)

Gotta get the French Cade scent (reminds me of a man's cologne)

I've had these puppies going on 8 years and they still serve me well

Another clean scent*

I haven't used any other chapstick in....7 years?* 

Are you noticing a trend? I love scents - this is a fragrance oil that you put over a tea candle to make your home smell good 

Amazing make-up that's easy on the skin and covers blemishes (and it's so easy to use - even for make-up novices like me!)

I love love LOVE my Rachel Bag from Onna Ehrlich. I got it through an online deal and it's the perfect everyday bag - large enough to carry everything, goes with everything, and looks great*

I was skeptical when I was purchasing these headphones - they look funny and I was afraid they would fall out of my ears and wouldn't sound great. Boy was I wrong! The sound quality is fantastic and they stay put even in my oddly-shaped ears! Go Apple*

Couldn't make it in the city without my Zipcar membership (and they offer gift cards - a great stocking-stuffer!)*

No link here, but I had to include my love of fresh flowers and all things green/living - I get myself a bouquet every week or so for my room and have several plants around the apartment*

Great book to give to any female you know entering her career (and a good read for guys too - lots of good information)*

Man I wish I'd read this when I was 19...but glad I still got my hands on it before I got out of my 20's!*

Great game to play on a commute because it only requires one hand (and you can use the other to hold onto something while you try to keep your balance while standing on the train). I've gotten friends hooked on this!*

Warm and slimming - what more could you ask for?*

I think Hulu Plus is worth it - I get to watch everything on there unlimited and sooner than what's offered on the stations' websites (I'm looking at you Fox)*

For a music sharing service, I highly recommend getting Spotify Premium. I love creating my own playlists, having them on my phone, and seeing what my friends are listening to*

Recommended to me by a friend, this app tracks your sleep and wakes you up within a preset window of time when you're sleeping the lightest so you wake up feeling rested*

Unfortunately, I don't think they make this style anymore...but you can still get your leopard print fix in other styles!

And last, but not least, I couldn't live without this concealer*

And there you have it - a random sampling of things I like. There's a ton more where that came from - I may just do a part 2 sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 

*I do not own the rights to these images
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  1. Hahahahaha! I love this post, Omily! Or would that be Emprah? I didn't see any surprises, so that tells me I know what you like...and that you deserve a new pair of flip-flops. Wouldn't you agree?