Monday, November 12, 2012


Yesterday I was called 'fragile.' I immediately recoiled and became defensive - me? fragile? I'm one of the strongest people I know! Just look at what I've done and what I've accomplished and what I've overcome! But then I started looking at myself from an outsider's perspective - I cry easily (something that I've always hated and can't control no matter how hard I try), I wear my heart on my sleeve, my thoughts/feelings/emotions are written all over my face for even the most removed stranger to read. I don't see the point in hiding what I'm thinking and feeling - that gets you nowhere and wastes time. And all of my feelings and reactions are perfectly normal, valid, and...human. And just because I have them and because I can so easily share them doesn't make me a fragile person. I am Resilient. With a capital 'R.'

I have a few pictures to share from this week:

For Mom (do they 'pop off the screen'?) :-P

Love it when my hair does what it's supposed to

Joanne Chang! (Owner of Flour Bakery)

The physics lesson

Showing how ingredient clusters create certain results and by plotting something outside of those clusters, you'll get a new dish. 

Mmmmmmmmmmm - the perfect yellow cake (made from scratch)

Xander and I grabbed dinner at M3 and they had the BEST spiced rum cider 

Mmmmmmmmmmm....pickles, jalepeno cheddar grits, mac & cheese, brussel sprouts 

Always a favorite - Ramos Gin Fizz

Panoramic view of downtown (yep, that's me on the right!) 

On Wednesday, I got my own private cooking lesson on how to make Beef Wellington! Here you see the mushrooms and crepes 

Brushing on the mustard

Lots of layers - pancetta, mushrooms, steak (wrap and chill)

Wrap the already-wrapped steak in crepes...and then wrap again in puff pastry

Until you get this masterpiece


Would you just look at that???

Ceremonial cutting of the Beef Wellington

Dinner is served

Yep - it was DELICIOUS 


First snow! This means....

....playing in the snow!!!

On a playground! (Swinging is my favorite)


Snow monster

*Somebody* didn't know how to make a snow angel... 

....but I taught him how 

Long shadows 

The pretzel is merely a vessel to get the chocolate peanut butter into my mouth...

Thursday - midnight showing of the new Bond movie with the guys and Vanessa! First stop - Teatro for drinks

Pear-Tea-Ni and Grilled Octopus - NOMS 

"Hot Tub" (pineapple cocktail)

Progression....take 1

Take 2

Take 3 :)

Oh my gosh this pizza was delicious


....except somebody was a little sleepy ;-)

Being goofy 

Getting ready to go out




(my roommates are AWESOME) 

Impromptu bike ride around Cambridge after church Sunday 

I've been eyeing this painting at my local (favorite) coffee shop. I went to bed feeling like this...

...woke up feeling like THIS. 

Ya know? Life doesn't always work out the way you think it will. God has a funny way of showing you that He's in control and He has a plan for your life. I need to get a lot better about trusting in Him and knowing He loves me more than anyone else ever will. 

It's Monday and I'm going to conquer everything on my list. :)
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  1. What an awesome blog! I love you, and you know why!