Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blessed beyond belief

How did I ever get to be so blessed? I believe in a GOOD God, I have an AMAZING family, I have the world's BEST friends, I live in a crazy AWESOME city, I go to a PHENOMENAL church, I have a WONDERFUL job...what more could a girl want???

I'm about to pop with happiness, so I'm just going to show you the pictures from my Thanksgiving week:

Start to last Sunday morning - finishing up The Defining Decade (highly recommend reading this to anyone anywhere close to being in their 20's) and noshing on a strawberry Nutella crepe

On my walk home from church...

...fall is my favorite :) (well...until the first big snow comes along and then winter is...oh and then when all the flowers and birds come out and then spring is...oh wait, I really do love summertime....)

More fall leaves


Why hello there healthy broccoli cheese casserole and new cheery yellow teapot with boiling water for my evening cup of tea

Mmmmmmm (tasty). Get the recipe by clicking here

Part of the new nighttime routine

Han made dinner!!! First time I've tried his cooking - very tasty Butter Chicken with brown rice and salad

Only in America....(all the Twinkies and Ding Dongs are gone)

ROAD TRIP - heading to Westhampton with CJ and Mark

Gorgeous view of the sunset over Manhattan as we drove past

Finally there! Chillaxin' 

Getting Thanksgiving dinner prepped


SO TASTY. Although I really missed getting to spend Thanksgiving with my family, it was so nice to get to share it with good friends! Huge thank you to CJ, Mark, Tanya, Paul, Art, David, Ava, and Maddie for making this a wonderful Thanksgiving away from home for me :)

Morning after Thanksgiving food-coma cure? Muffins and coffee :)

On Friday I attended my first-ever Shabbat. David made this delicious, cooked-to-perfection roast.



I thought this was hilarious - most appropriate packaging EVER?!

CJ let me do her hair - isn't she gorgeous???

Besties :)

Mark: "OH MY GOSH" (he didn't know VHS players still existed)

My beautiful drawing from Ava - she's so sweet!


Sleepy little town

Quick trip to the beach

Fun-looking sand

Beautiful day (even if it was cold)


CJ and Mark :)

'Hey Mark - take an action shot of us!'

Laughing because we know the 'action shot' was ridiculous


Traditional jumping picture (of course)


More beautiful

Did anyone else know this existed???? Amazing find at a gas station for road trip snacks :)

Thank you all for an amazing weekend :)
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  1. Very good post--I do wish you could have jumped a little higher! :)