Sunday, November 4, 2012

Je dors

I think I've slept about 24 hours over the course of this weekend...I've been sick since Tuesday so once the weekend got here, I crashed...I'm not ready for Monday.

Comfort food...

Ever since Sheila and I were in college, we've had this thing where we'll randomly look at the clock and it will be 12:34...she's a couple hours behind me in Colorado, but we still do it!

Happy birthday Loren! Out for drinks...

...and look who's in town! Justin and I met our freshman year of college and he's visiting Boston this week.

All the ladies

Me with Sarah...

...and then she ducked out of the picture


Sipping my Rosebud at OAK Long Bar + Kitchen

Champagne by candlelight


New *favorite* pizza - Steak & Potato from CitySlicker Cafe - SO. DARN. GOOD.

Still sick this morning, but I taught the guys how to make crepes (success!)

And a few leftover pictures from my birthday (taken by Han on his 'legit' camera):

 On to tackle another week!
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  1. I still have one more birthday thing to send to you! It is hidden in all the mess of re-doing the living room, but it will surface--maybe in time for Christmas...