Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mad World

"Mad World" by Michael Andrews is the song that just so happens to be playing as I started writing this blog post...

Lots of food this week, which is kind of funny since I've been getting a 'head start' on my holiday dieting (trying to beat the New Years Resolutions rush and hit the gym for those 6 am workouts and eating healthy NOW so it's not so hard when the new year rolls around). I've had a really good week...but I can't wait to get back to North Carolina to be with my family for Christmas!

This outfit is the result of my first-ever Black Friday shopping with CJ - I *love* this dress (it makes me feel so pretty!) and the boots (very 'rocker chic'...or so I like to call them)

It's that time of year...when carols play...

...and Christmas trees go up :)

Happy Hour with the AM Team

Yes...this is a real thing - can you believe it? I saw it at the checkout at Whole Foods of all places (and they don't even sell alcohol at that location!). I didn't purchase/haven't tried it, so I can't make any personal recommendations...but who knows? Maybe it's worth a try

New favorite breakfast - hash rounds, sharp cheddar, fried egg, tomatillo salsa. Delicious and only 350 calories!

On Thursday, I went out with friends to Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian Steakhouse, for dinner


I love these guys...a lot :)

First course - salad bar (gotta pace yourself and go easy on the veggies so you can save room for...)

Second course - M-E-A-T.

Third course - Papaya Cream with Creme de Cassis (a very light and refreshing end to a heavy - but TASTY - meal)

El fin.

After dinner, we all headed to Divesh's apartment for some after-dinner digestive shisha (don't worry, Parental Units, I didn't partake due to my asthma) 

On Friday, I had a Girls Night with my friend Sarah. We started out at Xinh Xinh for a hearty dinner of fresh spring rolls and pho 

My spicy Beef Noodle Soup

It was JUST what I needed on that cold, windy night

Theater district on our way to....

Cute desserts - red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes and a strawberry macaron

After dinner we went to the movies to see Twilight (yes yes, I know what you're thinking and all the eye-rolling that's going on right now). No one will be winning any Oscars for it, but it was still a satisfying film to watch for our girly night :) After the movie, we walked through the Commons and got to see the Christmas tree before heading home.

Last week, I found out I won a contest for a free Mary Kay consultation and $50 to spend on Mary Kay products! I never win anything, so this was super exciting for me :) I went with my friends Loren and Amanda and we got hand, lip, and face treatments. I actually learned quite a bit about how to take care of my skin, and got some great products too.

I got the Satin Hand Kit, Lip Kit, and Under-Eye Cream. My skin feels amazing! I can't wait to continually use these products and report back on how well they work.

Saturday treat - Thai Donuts

I have a new photo app that I'm obsessed with - Pixlr-o-matic. Not only does it let you apply filters like Instagram, but you can add fun lighting effects (like the sparkles you saw on earlier photos and the light rays on this one). Definitely recommend it to anyone who loves taking pictures on their phone. They also have a website that you can use on your computer, which is pretty sweet: 

I'm pumped cause I get to take care of 'the little people' (as I like to call kiddos) at church tomorrow morning...then it's cooking, laundry, catching up on work, and prepping for the week. Hope everyone has a great first week of December!
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  1. OOOhh, the pictures! Can I haz Fogo de Chao? OOOhh the cupcakes! Can I haz Thinking Cup? Ooo--Ooo can I haz hand fixin? Bring it with you when you come home for Christmas!