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Ever since I saw the movie 'Serendipity' however many years ago, I've always wanted to go to New York at Christmastime to see the city decorated. This year, I finally got to do just that! I took a spontaneous weekend trip to NYC and just got back about an hour ago.

I've also started to buckle down on health & wellness, so I've been working on eating better and working out (I'm actually really loving my 6 am workouts, believe it or not). It started out as just getting a head start on all the holiday eating I plan on doing when I'm home (nom nom nom) but now that I've been doing it a couple of weeks, it's actually kind of enjoyable and I can already tell that it makes me feel better just to get a run in to start my day. At any rate, here are the pictures from this week:

Now that I'm waking up earlier to go work out, I have time to cook myself breakfast in the morning. I think I was a little over-enthusiastic when I got started...while this looks pretty, it definitely wasn't the tastiest or most filling thing I've ever made. 

Very excited about these puppies! I even feel like I'm a better/faster runner when I wear them. These are minimalist shoes with a decent arch support, fairly light, and very breathable. I recommend getting them to anyone who does treadmill/paved runs. You can order a pair by clicking [here].

New favorite local eatery: Greek Corner. Cheap and oh so tasty.

Gyro and Greek fries...

James, Han, and I split dessert (so even though this was a 'splurge' meal, I kept my calories under control)

Woke up one morning and had crazy eyes. And crazy hair.

WOOP WOOP - don't know if you can see results yet, but like I said earlier, I *feel* much better :)

Ok... Emily's attempt at 'Asian Fusion': make Spanish polenta, fried egg, tomatillo salsa, and throw on leftover Chinese pepper chicken from the night before. Actually pretty darn tasty and I get to start off my morning with a good amount of protein and some heat (from the chili peppers)

On Thursday, my friend Loren invited me out to go to the Beacon Hill Christmas Stroll. I was so happy she called me - I would have been so bummed if I found out I missed this! They shut down Charles Street, had all the shops open late and decorated (and handing out free wine, cider, and hot chocolate), and carolers and horse and buggy rides and hand was awesome!

I put in the request for this one - just for you Dad :)

LOVED these prints...too bad they were $5,000 each. Womp womp...

Loved this one too...

Even in the dead of winter, I can still find flowers :)

(Have I mentioned how much I love fresh flowers???)

Found this rad hat and definitely considered purchasing it....but then found out it was $130. Gosh Charles Street is so expensive!

Horse and buggy rides

Wanted this one too (again, too day I'll win the lottery) ;-)

We had some clients from Hawai'i in town last week and they brought us goodies - I was lucky enough to get a bag of this AMAZING coffee...I hope I can order it off Amazon

Nom nom nom

(Not ready for the day, burying my face in my vat of coffee)

Throwback - gosh how I miss Paris...

Bus ride to NYC - saw these ladies and thought to myself 'gosh, I hope I'm still taking roadtrips with my girlfriends 40 years from now' :) You should have heard them gabbing...

I made it! 

No trip to NYC would be complete without a stop at *my* bagel shop....

Multi-grain with chocolate chip cream cheese, everything with jalepeno cream cheese and pastrami, and cappuccino

After getting my bagel fix, I headed to 5th Avenue...this is a stunning window display at Versace

How perfect would it have been if it had started snowing??? I definitely would have felt like I was in my own version of Serendipity...Versace got in the Christmas spirit by supplying some fake snow :)


Pretty lights

More pretty lights

*le sigh*

Window display at Tiffany's

On to Trump Tower!

All decked out

Riding up to the top

View from above..I felt like my stomach was going to fall out, but it was still pretty to look at 

You see everything in New York...this looked like a student working on a project for a photography class

In Bergdorf's

I think I found my "Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris" dress....This Dolce & Gabbana number was absolutely gorgeous

Grand Army Plaza all decked out in Christmas trees

I was there!

Beautiful window display...

I felt like I was in a cabaret

I believe this was St. Thomas...felt strange to kneel while praying (haven't done that since college haha) 

Cartier is one big present!

Rockefeller Center was SO CROWDED

But I still got to see the tree!

And the lucky skaters...

That night, I grabbed drinks with my friend Michael and I grabbed drinks at The Wayland. Very cool cocktails - all with unique flavors and some element of 'smokiness.' As you can see here, this one was served with the smoke trapped under a glass.

The "Smoked and Roasted"

The "Garden Variety Margarita"

After drinks, we headed to Brooklyn to catch up with my friend Patrick

Awwwwwwwwwwww! Haven't seen this guy since...graduation? Patrick is the bestest :)

Me and Michael at our '3.5 Year Reunion' haha...he and I were in Paris at the same time (I was at EPSCI, the undergrad program, while he was at ESSEC getting his masters). Thanks for being such a great host, Michael!

Ok, I'm exhausted and have another early-morning workout tomorrow, so it's off to bed for me. Night night and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
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