Friday, July 25, 2014

Dining and Divots, Bridesmaid and Baptisms...

What a wonderful past couple of weeks! I've had so many fun things happen and I just want to jump right into sharing them with you!

Vanessa is GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! And she picked *me* to be one of her bridesmaids!!!!

How sweet is this? She put together a Paris box for 'her French girl' :)

Later that same night I headed to my friend Obehi's house for a show by Joy Ike. Someone walked in with these boxes and I was like "holy crap who brought Krispy Kreme all the way from Connecticut cause the nearest KK is 400 miles away" and a night that was pretty much perfect anyway got even perfect-er.

Joy jamming out

And some of the 50 bajillion people crammed into her apartment for the show!

Her voice is AMAZING

I bought all 3 of her CDs...."Good Morning" is on Spotify - you should go check it out!

I got a package, I got a package...

I got a package hey hey hey hey

Oh boy!

Such cute stuffs for my desk and home from Valerie Wieners!

Back to juicing - found a recipe that uses grapefruit (which I don't really like) where you can barely taste the grapefruit! #WINNING

Morning reminder/first thing I see when I wake up to start my day off right

I got to babysit for these kiddos last week - they're such a goofy bunch


On Saturday, Loren, Sarah, and I all headed to Newport Rhode Island for a girls day out!

First stop - lunch of course. We ate at Aquidneck Lobster Company...the food was ok (nothing to rave about) but the interior was fun and it's right on the water

Love these girls and the adventures we go on!

I tried the lobstah burger

Om nom nom

Loren got a lobster roll...but still wanted a bib. She was reeeeeeeeally excited about it

Of course we had to all take turns doing the photo opp with the lobsters



Gorgeous views everywhere you turned...

After wandering around Newport for a bit, we stumbled upon 41 Degrees North - it had a beeeeeeeeautiful outdoor seating area

See what I mean?

View of the bar...

Ladies and our hats

Oh, you know, just my yacht...

What a great find - I've been on the market for a big floppy hat all summer and *finally* found the perfect one!

Lounging and cocktails

The whole back seating area

And now for our main event....


Our very first polo match - we were all so excited!

 As you can see, we came prepared with the essentials


...POLO! (anyone else play this in the pool as a kid?)

We didn't come as prepared as the rest of the crowd. These people were LEGIT. It's like the ultra-preppy version of tail-gating: people brought their tents, their mini-grills, even wooden tables and furniture, had their artisanal cheese plates and THIS is a sport I can get behind.

Stomping a divot! I felt very 'Pretty Woman-esque'

Loren's turn to stomp

And then Sarah's :)

Haha don't step in the horse poop!

Everyone was stomping divots

As we were heading home to Boston, we got hungry...I tasked Loren with finding a restaurant and the place she came up with was basically a community center/nursing home. I pulled over and searched and came up with a *much* better option...and this was the view driving in 


Waiting for our names to be called at the Boat House Restaurant

Oh my gosh it's just sooooooooooo gorgeous! Gotta get there early for prime seating by the windows

Stunning sunset

Gorgeous, right?

How many adjectives can I come up with to describe this view???

Even the rocks were beautiful!

Radiant sunset as we sat down to our meal...
Parting shot....

All tuckered was a good day :)

Have you seen a happier kid? 

This past Sunday was baptism Sunday and my friend Jenn got baptized!!! She was baptized as a baby in the Catholic church and made the decision to be baptized as an adult

Headed over to Jenn's apartment to celebrate her baptism and Melissa's birthday after church...Jenn treated us to several upstate New York specialties (see the Wegman's Balsamic Glaze? that stuff is AMAZING)

I was introduced to 'Spiedies' - it's a marinade for meat that you put on chicken, grill 'em up, and then put on a piece of Italian white bread and butter. Side of caprese salad with the balsamic glaze and salt potatoes (which is exactly what it sounds like - potatoes boiled in salt and with melted butter poured over them)

Just chattin and noshin away

Jenny and Blonde

Jenn's dad came down for her baptism and did the Daddly thing to do - man the grill :)

Jenn made a tres leches cake for Melissa's birthday and it was SO. GOOD. Mel was pretty happy about it (tee-hee)

I've started the #100happydays challenge and on the first day, I posted that I was happy for all my little tchotchkes that make me happy

Got a free 5-pack sample from Aloha green juice - it makes me feel healthier just drinking it

My friend Blonde has started her own business, The Craic & Blonde, and she produces authentic Haitian food.

I got a jar of pikliz - spicy pickled veggies - and MAN are they good! I put them on top of my egg sandwich...

My friend Abigail is starting her own business to be a consultant for Arbonne. I'm hosting a party for her and got to try some of the products (yay free samples!)

So excited for my tote from Kristin Schmucker!


Fun Toms! 

Madeline and I like to share outfit pictures with each other. She has a full length mirror at her office. I don't. This is the result.

Delicious cucumber sammie at Hope's before community group on Wednesday

Christie made little mini lemon meringues and key lime tartes! They were delicious!

Big crowd this week - 14 ladies!

Another #100happydays photo - happy I can read while I commute into work :)

I don't know how I've been missing out for all these years, but I recently discovered how much I love nectarines!

Bullhorn, the company I work for, was named one of the Boston Business Journal's Best Places to Work this year! To celebrate, we got our own ice cream truck stocked full of yummy treats

I saw this on Facebook and chuckled...they should just make this the official cover!

What a fun few weeks, right??? And this weekend/the coming month promises to be just as fun - I'm kayaking with my future roommates and going to a Keith Urban concert tomorrow, then church and a wedding for my friend Amanda on Sunday. Crazy awesomeness - I'm loving it!
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  1. comment disappeared again! So, I love the photos of the sunset, drinks on rail--beautiful! And of all the food pics and descriptions, that cucumber sandwich made me HUNGRY!
    Love the Tom's...
    So is the polo match something you'll do again?

  2. I kept wanting to take more and more sunset pictures but none of them seemed to do it justice! The cucumber sandwich was delish - just picked from the garden on whole wheat bread with canola mayo, salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of dill - mmm mmm good!

    I would DEFINITELY do a polo match again...and come more prepared next time :)

  3. Well, I found this one before you sent it to me! Guess what I did this weekend? Ate tomato sandwiches until I couldn't eat any more--and on white bread, no less...

  4. Sooooooooooooooooo good when they're still warm from the sun...