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Montreal with Madeline!!!

Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. I think I've outdone myself on the foodie vacation richter scale. Mad and I road tripped it up to Montreal for the 4th of July weekend (I know - so un-American, but after 2 years of the 4th in Boston, I was ready to escape the crowds). What ensued was mayhem and over-indulgence on the gastronomic front. So here we go:

Picked this chicky up from the airport and away we go! (and no, we didn't plan color-coordinating outfits)

I surprised her with Union Square Donuts for the road (maple bacon ftw!)

In Vermont (or was it New Hampshire?) we stopped at a cute little antique shop and did a photo opp with these gorgeous flowers

Just a bit of sunning

Because we were making a pit stop in Frelighsburg we took the scenic route to get to the border...

...and got to see a GORGEOUS area of Vermont. Everyone should visit Cambridge, VT.

Because we weren't going the more popular way to Montreal, we ended up at this little border patrol - so cute!

Oh. My goodness. They might not look like much, but goodness gracious they are HEAVENLY


The Maple Pies. A MUST. I'm going to go see if I can order delivery right now...

Made it to our Airbnb apartment! Just like the pictures - it was so cute! Our host, Nick, was very nice and accommodating - I'll definitely be back.

If you need an affordable and cute place to stay, the listing is [here]

Much coffee was made here

Breakfast Friday morning - Mamie Clafoutis


And more carbs!

Our little smorgasbord of pastries

Classic ;-)

Like I said...classic (tee-hee)

Om nom nom nom

So....this happened. An older gentleman claimed he 'didn't see me' and swerved into my lane, hitting my back driver's side door. We were less than half a mile from our destination :( No one was hurt, thank goodness, but now I have to file an insurance claim womp womp

After filing a police report for the accident and going on our way, we finally made it to Jean-Talon Market

First stop - the oyster bar! 

Sooooooooooo excited

I love oysters!

Madeline...wasn't really a fan. 

I crack up every time I watch it

My favorite (will be finding these to get again!)


Gorgeous produce everywhere!

Om nom nom nom (potatoes, tomatoes, raclette cheese, egg)

(cheese, ham, apples, maple syrup)



Dessert - maple butter and apples

Looked like little veggie bouquets!

We thought that the botanical gardens had a topiary exhibit...turns out that was last year (oh well) but the gardens were still gorgeous

Photo op

Funny thing about traveling as a duo - lots of pictures that are the same but taking turns posing haha

Chinese garden - I think this was my favorite part

So serene


I could camp out here all day with a book and an iced coffee


Cool shot

Bonsai Tree Garden - this one is over 150 years old!


She wanted to take this one home...

GORGEOUS - I also love the contrast of the zen garden with the Biodome in the background

Ginormous koi fish

So pretty!

Oh just chillin on my oversized couch...

Nature shot

Love the color contrast here

Hahaha I felt like Alice in Wonderland in the Queen of Hearts' garden 

I want my own flower garden

Mirroring the lattice design in the Chinese Garden

Yippee!!! We're in Montreal!!!

Get ready...for the most lush meal you've ever seen...at Au Pied de Cochon

To start - a cider and a beer

Warm crusty bread mmmmmm

Our table wasn't ready but there were open seats at the bar with a prime view of the kitchen - so exciting to watch!

We decided to stick to the tried-and-true recommendations. First up, poutine with foie gras. Verdict: delicious indulgence to the max

Soooooooo happy

Madeline got the Duck in a Can - oh my goodness the flavors were AWESOME. The cabbage is what made it...every morning the duck gets boiled in the can with foie gras and cabbage and then they open it at your table and dump the contents over cheesy mashed potatoes and crostinis

I took on the signature dish, Au Pied de Cochon. The platter was the size of a serving dish, the food enough to feed a small army. And yes, that's foie gras front and center. Oh. My. Goodness. I thought I'd died and gone to hog heaven (tee-hee)

Absolutely delicious. You can read my full Yelp review [here]

Happy customer 1

Happy Customer 2

Action shot of the line - thank you all for a delicious meal!

Next day we rolled ourselves out of bed bright and early to go on a food tour of Old Montreal. First up was Maison Christian Faure for coffee and pastries

Gorgeous, n'est-ce pas?

I loved the clean and simplistic settings - unique way to display the menu


Next up was Marche de la Villette to try both duck and pork pates. 

Both were delicious, but I think I preferred the duck (on the left)

So colorful!

Loved getting to see the architectural developments of Old Montreal - you can see the distinct outlines of 2 different buildings that used to be there.

This guy - make sure you have him as your tour guide! Ronald is awesome :)

Finished up with some sweet treats at Les Delices de L'Erable

Many many maple syrup products sold here

We tried the gelato :)

We just had little snacky-tastes on the food tour so we went to Lawrence Restaurant for brunch


Unassuming storefront, simple country-chic interior

First up - sugary goodness

Madeline got the chocolate-filled beignets

I was missing London, so I got a scone with clotted cream and jam (it was SO. GOOD.)

...and then I got the Full English Breakfast :) (it's been awhile)

Mad got strawberry rhubarb French toast

Happy customers

We tried to go in to see the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal but there were a couple of weddings going on that afternoon

The Napoleon exhibit underneath was open though!

What a bed, right?

Stopped into a gallery just to browse

I really liked this artist

All by Diane Fontaine - I'll own one, one day... 


The pipe organ was playing!

Just as majestic as I remembered it...

The weather was PERFECT

Hahahaha too much wind!

Parting shot

We decided to do a quick drive around the Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery


It seems a little strange to call a cemetery beautiful, but it was in its own way

Chihuly installation at the MFA of Montreal!

I think he's my all-time favorite artist...



Don't worry - we'll be back the next day 

I've been craving this...for 2 years.

Ahhhhhhh the sweet ambrosia that is the Chicken Creation of Boustan


Madeline finally understands....

Next morning, we had to try the Montreal bagels that everyone raves about (they say they're better than NYC bagels...I say the jury's still out). We headed to St Viateur Bagel - man were they good! It was a bit hectic inside and not like the bagel shops I'm used to in the states where they have a sandwich counter for you to dress up your bagel...basically there were refrigerators with cream cheese and lox and drinks that you picked up on your way to order and then got your bagels. They're hand-rolled and boiled in water with a touch of honey. Mad and I sat on a park bench and chowed down and man were they good!

Back to the Montreal MFA for realz this time

Tee-hee :)

Giant wooden sculptures

And a chest of drawers that looks like a grenade

Love the colors

This was a fun piece - this is the artist's mother and she used sequins in the portrait!

I liked this one too - simple but pretty

The had a temporary exhibit from the Virginia MFA of Faberge Eggs

The teeny-tiny ones

And a big one

I didn't know that Faberge was known for it's floral/botanical pieces as well

I'll take one, s'il vous plait

Last meal - La Banquise for poutine. Apparently the dish wasn't even created until the 40's and 2 cities are still fighting over who can claim they invented it...

Silly seester

The St Ambroise apricot ale Mad got was delicious!

Oh my goodness YUM

A bit more traditional...

Trying to use up the last of our Canadian coins, we went to Au Kouign-Amann Patisserie to try their croissants (that got rave Yelp reviews) and pastry.

Soooooooooo glad we did - they were AMAZING.

After waiting nearly 2 hours to cross the border...bye bye Canada!

Shew!!! So, as you can see, we had a pretty spectacular Canadian vacation full of food, fun, and sites. I will definitely be back - hopefully sooner than 2 years!
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  1. Okay, it ate my comment the first time! I am eating lentil soup for lunch, and although it is very good, why, oh why, did I browse the best of Montreal meals during my lunch? All is beautiful and I hope to make that trip someday!