Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring is (finally) in the air!

This weekend was the first time in....MONTHS...that I felt the slightest hint of a warm breeze.... Granted today's high was only 37 degrees, but I still went out in a light jacket and felt just dandy (who knew it would come to this - a southern gal used to sub-arctic temperatures?!) Well even though it has warmed up a bit, the week started out on the chilly side...

More snow (at least it was pretty!)

....and more snow...

...yep, more snow!

At least it melted off in a couple days!

Worked on arms Monday morning

Earlier this week, grabbed dinner at jm Curley to catch up with Sarah and Loren - I got some delicious cornbread and a beer and cheddar soup

The ladies :) 

New favorite snack - sweet peppers with aged blue cheese

Spiced up Tuesday with some leopard print (funny enough, the girl who sits next to me at work showed up wearing pretty much the exact same outfit...)

Wednesday community group - Christie made the most *delicious* salad and butternut squash lasagna.  

Learning all about Lydia

Enjoying a mouthwatering slice of Lemon Drop Cake

Friday - Amanda hosted a clothing swap at her apartment!

Everyone brings in things they no longer wear and then 'shop' for new items

Snack time

The lady EPs from CDU (Taylor, Marissa, Amanda, Rebecca, and me)

Genius - french bread toasted with brie topped with a strawberry slice, fresh basil, and a drizzle of honey. Looks *and* tastes good!

Our gracious hostess trying on a new item ;-)

Saturday - jammy time

I also made some of my famous French Breakfast Muffins for the church bake sale that happened this morning

After muffin-making, I headed to the 2nd floor of my building for a pizza making party with Sam and Sara


Nothing goes better with fresh pizza than a nice glass of wine

Watching 'Get Him to the Greek' while chowing down

This stuff is *fantastic* - I'd sprinkle it on everything!

Christie was kind enough to share her recipe for the salad dressing she made at community group - I'm having the salad for lunch this week! The salad is really simple - cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh basil, red onion, and fresh mozzarella - and the dressing is easy and oh so tasty (recipe [here])

Switching up breakfast this week - made a casserole! I tried some tonight - I highly recommend it. Here is the [recipe] - I adjusted it a bit and left out the thyme and added in frozen spinach instead.

I think it's time for some cereal :) Hope you all have a great week!
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  1. Hello, Sweet Pea!

    Just back from the sister's house, and while your noms are looking good as always, we made one, too! Remember the foccacia/sauteed veggie sandwiches I used to make? Will send a pic soon :). Love the clothes swap!

  2. Did I ever send the pics? I can't remember! And I just looked up the dressing--yum--and I'll try it soon...