Saturday, March 16, 2013


I took a brief hiatus from blogging, namely because I had a nasty bout of flu last week and it was all I could do to press play on the succession of chick flicks I was watching... Thank goodness I'm better this week! Lots to show you from the past couple of weeks....and the next time I blog, it will be about my trip to London!!!!

Quick flashback to 4 years ago...Simon, I'll see you in 11 days!

Gotta brag a little - isn't my sister gorgeous??? She reminds me of Princess Di here
(and she just finished her first 5K this morning!!)

Lunch 2 weeks ago - loving that homemade dressing

Finally feeling better after the flu!

Did you know there are 300 sextillion (300 x (10^23)^5)) in the sky? That's a lot of stars

After church brunch at ZuZu

James decided he wanted to have a little dinner party last Sunday, so he and Han cooked

Ninja chef

Master butter-er

Tasty appetizer (invented by the guys)

Hangin out

But ready to chow down!

They did really well! Pesto-breaded chicken, roasted veggies, buttery pasta, and mashed sweet potatoes 

Enjoyed by all...

...followed by a round or 2 of Taboo (I won't say which team won...)

Went to meditation class for the first time in awhile with Katelyn and then we grabbed dinner at Koreana afterwards

Yep - that just happened. Guess I got a little ambitious with the soap...

Found a new photo app, so there may or may not be many more shots like this ;-)

Courtesy of Hope, who documented Jessie's first baby clothes changing at community group (while we all cheered her on). Success!

Sleeping Wyatt

This week we had a reason to celebrate - Christie passed her 7th (!) and final exam and is now an *official* architect!

A toast to Christie!

Hope likes making Wyatt do funny faces when he's asleep...  

Thursday was FREEZING and I had the smart idea to walk 2 miles to my hair appointment...luckily I was able to duck into Dave's Tea to get warm and grab some loose-leaf tea

Trying out a new salon - Liquid! Loved the decor - retro punk-ish

I'm ready! Almost....first a quick pit stop...

...this is their bathroom! Dad, of course I immediately thought of you...

...this place was floor-to-ceiling ELVIS

Oh hey King of Rock!

Even the toilet lid....

This is Dana - he was my stylist (thank you Yelpers for recommending him!). I cannot speak highly enough of him! He listened to me and what I was looking for, was able to make informed suggestions, and put me at ease (I *always* get nervous when I let someone touch my curls). Lucky for me Dana is just as meticulous as I am when it comes to styling curly hair, so it was a match made in heaven. And he was fun to talk to to boot!

Using the Diva diffuser (looks like a hand!)

I *LOVE* this cut - it's a little less traditional than what I normally shoot for. It's shorter in the back and longer in the front, but when curly it tapers into lovely little ringlets around my face. Also looks cool when it's straight :)

Enjoying my loose-leaf tea... 

Last night - girls' night with Sarah and Loren! 

Change of venue to City Bar

Mango Mule for me (one of the tall ones) - so tasty!

Love you LoLo!

Picture of the picture-taker

Rounded out the night with dessert at Papa Razzi on Newbury

Cappuccino (of course)

And a delicious (but WAY too big) brownie sundae

Aaaaaaaaaand this morning - I came up with the most amazing new pancakes: strawberry Nutella! I'm a genius ;-)

Okie doke - I have a TON to get done today (and it's already afternoon!) so I'm off to run errands and start getting ready for LONDON!!!!! :-D

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  1. That salon is out-of-this-world! I want to go there just to look! The straight hair is gorgeous, of course, but I also want to see the new 'do in curls...