Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings with Manny, Volume Easter Edition

Emily receives package...

Me: It's from my mommy!
Manny: Are there cookies in there? I bet there are cookies in there. If there are cookies in there, I want some. [all said in one breath]
Me: Argh, I need bigger scissors - these baby scissors aren't working.
Manny: Do you need man hands? I could rip that box open for you.
Me: Manny, hold up!
Manny: Are there cookies???
Me: Nope - it's my Easter Basket!!!!
Manny: *sad face*


Manny: Where's Katie?
Tasha: She's out today.
Manny: Oh, then I'll use her stuff. She doesn't like it when I use her stuff when she's here. I need lotion.
Me: You don't like my lotion anymore??
Manny: Nope. This one is more calming. It's Lavender and Chamomile (pause) Actually I take that back - I use yours too. I switch off depending on which one of you isn't in the office.

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter Week!

*cookie image not mine

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