Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting one in under the wire....

Had a few photos to share before the big vacay post :)

This is so me...and my mom....

Gorgeous picture of downtown Boston walking home from a movie night with Katelyn and Sarah

Awwwww....the couple that plays (ukulele) together stays together ;-)

Upon Karla's recommendation, we went to Lone Star for Mexican food

Quite the Texas (?) motif 

Homemade chips and salsa

Carnitas taco


Best fish taco I've ever had

Street style corn - fire roasted with a sour cream sauce on it....SO GOOD

Caramel flan with roasted pumpkin seeds

Exhibit A: car rental company forgot to put oil cap back on

Exhibit B: Engine almost seized because ALL the oil was gone (all over the engine and front of the car)

I would *not* recommend U-Save Rental (nationwide chain) - I had THE biggest hassle with them, and could have had a very serious accident with this oil incident. DON'T USE! 

My coworker Cable and I went to visit schools this week - I thought this pass set-up was funny (Mr. Please Sign Out and Ms. Please Sign Out)

I've been on a mission to get the sheep milk truffle cheese I had at L'espalier in January...finally found somebody to source it: Formaggio Kitchen!

Dun dun dun...


Impromptu crepe party

Han and Cable learning how to make crepes my way ;-)

Tea at Thinking Cup

Saltenas at Que Padre

Love taking care of this little guy :) 

And this one too :)

You know your church is putting on an Egg Hunt Extravaganza when...

This is real life...

And next up......***LONDON***
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  1. Oh, Lordy, what to comment on first! Dudette, I cracked up as much the second time seeing the OCD pic--so you. So me! Food pics awesome, saltanas my fave, but the baby pic wins! What a cutie...