Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just hangin' with my grrrrrrrrls

Lots going on this week (most of it kinda girly)... I'll let the pictures doing the talkin'

Got my hair did ;-)

Cut and some honey-brown highlights! They're not super-showy, but should lighten the more I'm out in the sun

Last Saturday I went to a Girl's Brunch with my coworkers at Jess's place in the Back Bay - such a beautiful neighborhood!

Just hanging out on the back patio

Jalapeno bagel, garden cream cheese, and fresh fruit - mmmmmmmm

...add in some refreshing brunch cocktails and it doesn't get much better than this!

....except that IT DOES! My friend/coworker Vanessa invited me over to a family cook out, and I gladly accepted! She picked me and her friend Alejandro (back seat) up and I got to meet her new puppy Roko (so cute!)

Beautiful sunshine, how I've missed thee

Oh. My. GOSH. The food....oh the food! Fresh steaks off the grill, yuca, empanada-like things, so so good

That's Vanessa in the middle and her boyfriend Mike and his mom Betty.


We have way too much fun together ;-)

It was this little guy's 1st birthday!

Pretty much sums up my Saturday...

On Sunday, I rented a Zipcar to go pick up an A/C unit I was purchasing off Craigslist (only $50!). I had some time to use up at the end of my reservation so I just went for a casual drive and found this gem - a pond that's only a 1.5 mile walk from my apartment!

Right next to a baseball field (game in progress)

Complete with ice cream truck! 

Doesn't get much more all-American than this, does it?

Look look! I installed an A/C unit BY MYSELF! Here's to hoping it doesn't fall out of my 3rd story window...

Cool shot of the ice cream offerings

Another purchase - my very own food processor (I'm finding it a crucial element as I expand my culinary horizon)

Handled grinding down saltines like a pro

This week was all about portion control - I made Meatloaf Muffins and Spinach Mac & Cheese Muffins for this week's lunch (the mac & cheese was a tad dry, but the meatloaf is a new fave). I kept out 5 for lunch and froze the rest - great to have on hand when I'm hungry!

On Monday after work I met up with CJ for dinner at Scoozi

The calamari was AMAZING (can't say the same for the rest of dinner, but I'm glad we went!)

I worked from home on Thursday and made myself crepes for breakfast - mmmmmm

So this weekend I had a visitor - Lacey! She was up for a bachelorette retreat, just the two of us :)


Pork Taco from the BBQ Smith Truck

Reminds me of home

New favorite spot - each time I go to the MFA I discover a new area of it. I'll definitely be bringing a book and chillaxin here.

We stopped at the Alexander Katz prints exhibit first


For Benjamin - very cool model ship

Only remaining piece from the Chihuly exhibit (one of my favorites)

Crazy cool

I loved how the ivy framed the window (and you could see that from the inside)

Makes me think of Mulan

This was actually a dynamic piece - the swirly parts moved!

Super cool

Bein' goofy

One of my favorite shots from the museum

No strip clubs for this bachelorette weekend! But she still got some @$$ ;-)

Enjoying a glass of wine at the museum

I'M SO GLAD IT'S WARM!!!!!!!!!

After the MFA, we headed over to my coworker Charlie's for a kick-off Memorial Day Weekend BBQ (complete with corn hole). That's Charlie in the red shirt


Saturday morning, we got up early and walked to grab coffee and then to brunch. I loved the colors so I had to stop and take a picture

Another favorite shot (can you believe I can take pictures like this on my phone?)

Brunch stop - Temple Bar. Very cool/relaxing venue, tasty food

We each got a Tequila Sunrise (infused with jalapeno - gotta have that little kick for the morning)

They brought out fresh-made pastries while we waited


We stopped in at The Coop (bookstore in Harvard Square) and came across this hilarious book entitled 'Porn for Women'...I thought page 29 was especially appropriate given one of my latest posts (viewed here). Although I didn't purchase this book, I did get oil pastels and a sketch book - super excited to start drawing!

We passed a flower shop and had to go in

We went to The Tannery - look at the baby Toms!

Next stop - BPL (Boston Public Library)

Love the green lamps

Lacey posing as a statue

Another new area I've found (and will be visiting again)

Taking a quick break

Fountain in the courtyard

We decided to go for a bike ride! Boston just implemented this cool program last year for Hubway bikes - you can get a year membership, but we got the 24-hour one. $5 rental fee per bike with 0-30 minute rides for 'free' (and $2+ for the 30 minutes after). Not bad for a spontaneous ride!

C'est moi :)

Our view of the city

Don't worry - we were stopped when I took this (no peddling and picture-taking simultaneously)

She's loving this trip!

Away we go!

The wind in my hair...

I really can't get enough of this city

LOVED these flower boxes (I want some!)

Stopped in here (but just for water since we were parched after our ride)

Another favorite shot - the swan boats in the Boston Commons

Uh-oh....I'm turning into such a hipster! ;-) Nah, not really...but despite all the hype, these shoes are UBER comfortable and I'd highly recommend buying a pair to anyone who asks (you feel like you're walking on clouds)

Nesting swans! (see all the eggs?)

No trip to Boston would be complete without a stop at L.A. Burdick for chocolate

Out to dinner and dancing! Gotta wear our sexy shoes

On my friend Robyn's recommendation (she has her own blog - read it here: A Modest Life), we went to Cuchi Cuchi for dinner...oh my gosh it's FANTASTIC. New favorite spot for showing off Boston :)

Very cool/old-school decor

Our cute little table

Even the cup coasters were awesome

Lacey got some celebratory champagne 

The waitresses dress up!

I opted for a Mai Tai 


First up - Sizzling Garlic Shrimp. Words cannot describe how mouth-wateringly awesome this was.

Next, Potato Croquettes and Gruyere Cheese Sauce and Marinara

A pork something...tasty, but not my favorite...

...which was this - a Cuban Cigar (beef brisket inside) with black bean salsa. SO. GOOD.

Next cocktail - a Moulin Rouge (tasted like grown-up jello haha)

Afterwards we went to Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar!

Way too much fun going on here

Dancing - the Bachelorette and Maid of Honor had sashes, of course ;-)

Last day in town - we grabbed lunch at Boston Burger Company (a good-ol' stand-by)...Lacey was afraid of birds pooping on her, so she covered up with a scarf.

Never noted number 25 before - 420 burger. Read the toppings...get it?

I've had a SPECTACULAR past week (the 2 weekends have been awesome)....up next - my first ever trip to Canada! I'm going to Montreal with CJ - can't wait to share those pictures with you!
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