Monday, May 14, 2012

Missing school...(never thought I'd say that)

This past weekend I got to go back to Chapel Hill for my younger sister's college graduation from the best university on the planet - UNC Chapel Hill! Not only did I get to see my whole family for the first time since Christmas, but I also got to meet up with friends and see campus for the first time in a year (my first visit back since I moved up here). Let's just say it was both fun/awesome and bittersweet...

Mmmmmm lunch for the week - ginger shrimp and green onions over Thai rice noodles

Surprisingly I made it through college without this addiction...funny how work did it to me.

Look what Adanna brought from her vacation in Turkey!

New fashion trend? Knee socks and loafers?

This is what happens in an office fridge. Ew.

Just a friendly game of Office Pen (Manny throws a pen up in the air and whoever it points to has to fill the candy fun)

Tommy made a new friend

My cute New England lane

Pretty wall mural


Waiting for Madeline to pick me up with my trusty tote (all the way from Florence, Italy)

First stop - duh

Ready to graduate! (She let me do her hair and make up)


There we goooooooo....walkin down the streeeeeeeeeet

Something tickled her :)

The ladies (minus Olivia)

Proud parents :)

And there it is ladies and gents - the moment we've all been waiting for for the past 17 years of education

Trying the Monkey's walk

Strike a pose

And jump for joy!!!!

I miss my Friday kvetching board...

Having a blasty blast in Mad's new car



He's growing teeth!

We had way too much fun with these jumpy pictures

Haha goober

Dinner at a Mexican restaurant (isn't he absolutely adorable???)

Weird photo angle - I don't look like myself (or my Dad...and everybody says I take after him)

Old haunts - Top-O!

I got to meet up with Murph...we started out at He's Not and ended up at Linda's so I could try their cheesy fries for the first time

Goofing around during the commencement ceremony

Gosh I miss campus

Here they come!


Look at all that gorgeous Carolina Blue

I got to see Natalie!!!! She's home from her PhD program in Scotland

The graveyard in campus....

...looks like a peaceful resting place

Mother's Day Lunch :)

Went to Cup of Joe with Sam and Alex and saw these interesting art pieces

....and then we went to a FroYo place (can't get enough of it!)

If I could have it breakfast, lunch, and dinner I would

Me 'n' Sam

Flight home...I'm terrified of flying, but you can see some pretty awesome views

Bye bye family, friends, and UNC - until next time....

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  1. I've never had Turkish Delight. Will you ask Adanna if she'll be my new best friend?